Vague threats concerning Connecticut public schools prompts panic among school administrators, families


Photo by Ella Stoler ’22

Staples High School families received an email Dec 16. addressing potential violence and updates on the investigation into the reported threats.

 Districts state-wide plan to monitor local schools on Dec. 17 due to recent threats of school violence circulating TikTok. While the social media threats were not deemed credible by law enforcement officials, a multitude of schools nationwide decided to take precautionary action and closed today. Last night, Westport district public schools released a statement informing families about potential violence and the decision to increase police presence outside of school buildings in the area.

“I kept seeing videos about the threats on TikTok and I’m glad the school acknowledged it,” Jacob Greenberg ’22 said. “I was considering staying home from school, especially because of the recent school shooting in Michigan.” 

Several hashtags relating to the threats, including #schoolshooting awareness, #dec17, #nationwidelockdown, have been going viral on social media platforms. Simply searching Dec. 17, or even opening the TikTok “For You Page” displays warnings from several users. 

“Beware,” one warning video reads. “Don’t go to school tomorrow . . . If you need to skip school cause your parents are being dumb and making you go, then do so. Protect yourself.” 

The Connecticut Intelligence Center is investigating the “trending” threats, and has not yet identified any evidence confirming the violence or concerning any specific schools.