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I-95 was shut down due to a three car collision. One of the trucks contained oil which led to a catastrophic fire, leading to the destruction and future rebuilding of the bridge located above the highway.

BREAKING NEWS: Fire causes I-95 closed due to car collision, fire

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor May 3, 2024

I-95 in Norwalk is closed until at least May 6 due to the need for rebuilding the depleted overpass that was damaged during a fire from a petroleum tank erupting. CTInsider reported that overnight work...

TikTok has become incredibly popular among American teenagers, yet many still view it as a threat to security, including the United States Senate.

BREAKING NEWS: TikTok ban bill is officially made law, will take effect next year

Jack Robinson, Editor April 25, 2024

The Senate passed the “21st Century Peace through Strength Act”--a bill that combines a $95 billion aid package to Ukraine and other nations as well as a ban on TikTok-- on April 24,  and it was signed...

Protestors gathered in front of Staples across the street from the main entrance. Cars honked to show their support towards the movement.

BREAKING NEWS: Students and Westport residents gather in front of Staples and Bedford to peacefully protest against racism

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 28, 2024

A crowd of varied students, parents and Westport residents gathered in front of Staples High School and Bedford Middle School on Feb. 27 to peacefully protest against accusations of racism at Westport...

Buses were parked on Wakeman in the typical junior parking areas Wednesday morning.

BREAKING NEWS: Juniors confused, frustrated by Wakeman parking full of buses

Rylie Cordella '25, Assistant Business Manager February 16, 2024

Tens of school buses lined the parking lot adjacent to the Wakeman fields past Bedford Wednesday morning, Feb. 14, frustrating juniors who regularly park there.   Buses slowly left the spaces...

BREAKING NEWS: Anticipated snow storm cancels Connecticut schools

Olivia Signorile '25, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

Westport Public Schools canceled all schools and activities due to the forecast for tomorrow, Feb 13.    It is predicted that 8 to 12 inches of snow will fall on the state of Connecticut. The...

After three weeks of no speaker, the House of Representatives elected Republican Mike Johnson of Louisiana after beating Democrat Hakeem Jefferies of New York in a 220-209 vote on Oct. 25. The former speaker, Kevin McCarhty was voted out by his colleagues on Oct. 3 after striking a deal with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

BREAKING NEWS: Republican Mike Johnson elected as Speaker of the House after three weeks of vacancy

Demi Sasson '25, Paper Opinions Editor October 26, 2023

Republican Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana won the election to be the 56th speaker of the House of Representative on Oct. 25 after the House was left without a speaker for nearly three weeks.  After...

BREAKING NEWS: Floods in Westport create significant hazards

Ruby Kantor '24, Paper Managing Editor September 29, 2023

Flash floods spread throughout the New York City and Southern Connecticut area, causing road shutdowns, down trees, home wreckage and other hazards.  The expected rainfall rate is 0.5 to one inch in...

In terms of system-wide emails regarding emergencies and rumors at Staples, the 2022-2023 school year has been one of the busiest. From multi-hour emergency lockdowns to a car crashing into the building, the school email list has been the primary way for parents to learn about incidents at Staples.

Administration email dispels weapon rumor

Benjamin Buchalter ’25, Staff Writer May 30, 2023

The Westport Public School system sent out an email to students and parents at Staples High School on May 22 correcting rumors alleging that a Staples student had posted an image of themselves brandishing...

Two groups, Westport Pride and the WPS Pride Coalition are throwing a fundraiser event in which they are selling LGBTQ+ merchandise commemorating the Stonewall riots. The merchandise can be purchased up until Sunday, May 5. Graphic by Hannah Conn 23. (Please be advised that the graphic above is not the merchandise being sold.)

Westport Pride, WPS Pride Coalition create fundraiser, sell merchandise commemorating Stonewall, LGBTQ+ Pride

Hannah Conn ’23, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

Through Sunday, May 7, the Westport Pride Group and the WPS Pride Coalition have a fundraiser selling two different t-shirts in preparation of the upcoming National LGBTQ+ Pride month, June, and commemoration...

A car crashes into the culinary classroom before 8 a.m., causing a gas leak and fire alarm, and forcing an evacuation.

Car crashes into school, causes fire alarm and evacuation

Anna Kercher '25, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

A Jeep Wrangler crashed into the culinary department of Staples High School on Wednesday March 1, just before 8 a.m., causing a gas leak, followed by a pulled fire alarm and evacuation out of the building....

The girls’ and boys’ bathrooms located by the bridge on the second floor are open again.

Bridge bathrooms reopen after three months

Cameron Almonte ’23, Staff Writer January 26, 2023

The bathrooms on the second floor near the low number classrooms, also known as the “bridge bathrooms,” were reopened on Jan. 25 after being closed for over three months due to an incident where many...

An armed Westport police officer walks towards Staples to evaluate the swatting threat.

Staples High School receives fake shooter threat causing lockdown

Maya Hruskar ’23, Creative Director October 23, 2022

Staples High School and 16 other schools in Connecticut received “swatting” calls on Oct. 21, causing lockdowns and police responses at each school. “Swatting” calls are when somebody falsely reports...

One of Michael Sansur’s students, Izzy Alafoyiannis ’24, works on a project in one of his technology education classes last spring. Sansur died in a car accident on I-95 on Saturday Oct. 15.

Staples High School teacher killed in I-95 car accident

Meg Enquist ’23, Business Director October 18, 2022

Technology Education teacher Michael Sansur was killed in a car accident on Saturday Oct. 15. Sansur was stopped in the left lane on I-95 for an unknown reason when his vehicle was struck from behind around...

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