“Metamorphoses” Makes its Way to Toquet

“Metamorphoses” Makes its Way to Toquet

Jenny Lupoff, Staff Writer

For their 2015 spring studio production, Staples Players will be presenting “Metamorphoses” at Toquet Hall.

The show, which will open on June 4, is a group of 10 vignettes of Greek myths all revolving around love and desire. Some of the myths include “King Midas,” “Orpheus & Eurydice,” and “Psyche & Eros.”

According to director Evan Klasky ’15, the author of the play, Mary Zimmerman, took and translated these stories from Ovid’s poem “Metamorphoses” which was written in 8 AD. To Klasky’s liking, she maintained their poetic nature.

“I chose this play because of the way it was written,” Klasky said. “The writing is just beautiful.”

Indeed, the beauty and uniqueness to the show have caught the attention of the cast as well.

“There are a lot of small, technical things in this show,” Zoe Fox ’16 said. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been in or seen.”

“I chop off my own foot and eat it,” Jacob Nadel ’15 added jokingly.

Yet what makes this show truly unique are the roles of the student directors and the creative freedom their positions entail.

“Evan definitely put his directorial stamp on the script and I think that’s what’s really amazing about his work,” Fox said.

According to Klasky, the stage direction was very open. So it was up to him to decide what the action would look like.

“I am very interested and active with dance in Players,” Klasky said. “So I incorporated a lot of movement in the scenes to illustrate the action.”

Alongside Klasky, assistant director Pedro Da Silva ’15, too, has enjoyed incorporating his own ideas and passions into the show.

“Evan is a dancer and I am a very physical actor, so we were really able to mesh well and create art that really comes to life onstage,” Da Silva said. “This is my favorite aspect of the show–the physicality.”

Though the duo is thoroughly involved in how the show unfolds artistically, it of course has come together through the combined efforts of the 15 cast members and technical team run by Jack Norman ’17.

“I think my favorite aspect of the show is how everyone works together to create this world,” Fox said. “This has been a great experience so far and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!”