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A gaggle of insects (Left to right Cameron Mann ’24, Josy Pitaro ’24, Finley Chevrier ’24, Samantha Edwards ’24, Matthew Bukzin ’24)  facing James (Beck Fipp ’27) during rehearsal.

James and the Giant Peach makes its debut at Staples

Elsa D'Elia '25, Staff Writer March 7, 2024

Almost every member of the Staples community should be familiar with the feeling of waiting in anticipation in the dim auditorium, playbook in hand, waiting for the start of another notorious Staples Players...

With the end of the four-month long actors strike came the above terms, which the AMPTP agreed to after actors and crew members alike walked picket lines outside major film and television studios throughout the duration of the strike.

SAG-AFTRA actors vote to end four-month long strike

Rachel Olefson ’25, Web News Editor December 6, 2023

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) voted to ratify their new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers (AMPTP) on Dec. 5, officially...

Staples Players crew member Jordan O’Brian ’26 hopes to get updated lighting equipment.

The Board of Education approves $1.36 million for Westport Public School facilities

Andi Jacobs '26 and Sophie Smith '26 October 19, 2023

The Board of Education voted to approve $1.36 million to fix Westport Public School facilities on Sept. 21. This request will go to the Board of Finance this October followed by a vote of the Representative...

This year, Staples Players will perform “The Prom” as their annual fall musical. “The Prom” is about a team of Broadway actors who embark on a small town to help a teenage girl forbidden from taking her girlfriend to her school dance.

From summer to spotlight: Staples Players undergo rigorous audition process

Mia Bomback ’25, Features Editor October 10, 2023

If you’ve ever seen the Staples Players in action, you’ll know that among the many talents they possess, they are skilled at making their performances appear effortless. In reality, “effortless”...

The 22 one-act plays utilize casts of two to four Staples Players, telling short 10-minute stories to the Black Box theater audience from April 22-23.

One-Acts gives seniors exclusive directing opportunity

Alex Gaines '25, Creative Director May 1, 2023

There have now been 24 shows put on by Staples Players this year. Two of them might be recognizable - “Guys and Dolls” in November and “Twelfth Night” in March - but the other 22, all of which...

A playbill of the 1984 Players production of “Cabaret.” This play takes place in WWII Germany, which means it obviously contains swastikas. This has become an issue for some because of the symbol’s history.

Censoring offensive symbols doesn’t change anything

Matthew Saw ’23, Web Arts Editor February 6, 2023

Staples High School has had a very long history of theatrical performances. If you take a quick look in front of the auditorium, there are many playbills hanging in remembrance of previous performances....

The cast of “Guys and Dolls” bow on the Nov. 12 evening performance. The show runs for about 3 hours including a 15 minute intermission.

‘Guys and Dolls’ amazes with classic Broadway

Alex Gaines ’25, Paper Arts Editor November 28, 2022

This year’s production of “Guys and Dolls” was completely unlike the many other times the Players have done the show - before the Nov. 12 evening performance of ‘Guys and Dolls’ began, director...

“Guys and Dolls” premiered Nov. 11 and has a total of seven shows.

Players demonstrate unity, supportive program through obstacles

Talia Varsano '24, Paper Managing Editor November 13, 2022

Theater often highlights star studded individual talents, and, of course, Players has a long history of just that. But this perception was challenged the first weekend of the Player’s annual fall production....

Staples Players’ production of Disney’s “Descendants” runs from April 1-3 and 8-9. The lighthearted musical tells the story of the teenage children of classic Disney villains being faced with threats from their parents, forcing them to explore the world of “good” Disney characters.

‘Descendants’ enchants with extreme talent, Disney magic

Alex Gaines '25, Creative Director April 27, 2022

I’m never surprised by the excellence of Staples Players shows. With such a talented cast and crew, I believe every production I see will be astounding.  I have to admit, though, I was a bit concerned...

The premiere of “Descendants: the Musical” took place on Friday, April 1. This show, an adaptation of the Disney movie series by the same name, is a mix of all three “Descendants movies and received several standing ovations from the audience throughout the performance. The show is set for more performances on April 3, 8 and 9 with a double cast.

A wicked opening night: ‘Descendants’ cast and crew celebrate triumph, raw reactions

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director April 5, 2022

Rapturous cheers flooded the offstage wings of the Staples auditorium after the cast and crew of “Descendants” took the first of their final bows on opening night. Minutes after the curtains closed,...

The Staples Players advertise their upcoming performances on April 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 outside of the auditorium. You can find tickets on

Staples Players dance with ‘Descendants’

Gabriella Gerig ’23, Paper Sports Editor March 30, 2022

The Staples Players are planning to entertain once again, this time with their production of “Descendants: The Musical.” “Descendants: The Musical” is a 2015 Disney Original that follows the lives...

Staples Players put on performances of Grease on Nov. 12, 13, 19, and 20 at 7:30 pm and Nov. 14 and 20 at 3:00 pm.

Staples Players amaze once again with production of ‘Grease’

Gabriella Gerig ’23, Paper Sports Editor November 24, 2021

The much anticipated production of “Grease” by the Staples Players did not fall short of its expectations. The Players came out on Nov. 20 with a performance that blended together professionalism,...

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