Staples Players amaze once again with production of ‘Grease’


Gabriella Gerig ’23

Staples Players put on performances of Grease on Nov. 12, 13, 19, and 20 at 7:30 pm and Nov. 14 and 20 at 3:00 pm.

The much anticipated production of “Grease” by the Staples Players did not fall short of its expectations. The Players came out on Nov. 20 with a performance that blended together professionalism, individuality and creativity.
The cast and directors chose to view “Grease” from an unconventional perspective. According to the directors of the production, Kerry Long and David Roth, the goal was to capture the presence of female empowerment in the musical. The Pink Ladies respresent the feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s by shattering societal standards for women at the time. They rebel against tradition and conservative views with “unfeminine” behavior. The Players were able to relay this message with heartfelt performances by the cast.
The show opened with the full cast at the school assembly scene, and, instantly, the impressive costumes and set designs transported the audience back to the 1950s. All of the costumes were perfected down to the last detail. The Greaser’s outfits stood out in the sea of vibrant colors. The iconic leather and pink jackets completed the atmosphere and embraced the true culture of Grease.
Chloe Manna ’22 and Ben Herrera ’22 proved to be the perfect fit for the lead roles of Sandy and Danny. They understood their characters and convinced the audience of their authenticity. The classics “Summer Nights” and “You’re the One That I Want” highlighted their on-stage chemistry.

Playbills were handed out at the beginning of the show, featuring the scenes and songs, the cast list, a note from the directors, and players’ praises. (Gabriella Gerig ’23)

Quinn Mulvey ’23 had a standout performance as Rizzo, encapsulating her spirit, edge and independence. She embodied this tough and complicated character with her acting and phenomenal voice. As a junior, she will have more opportunities to shine onstage with the Players.
The show reached a climax during the “Grease Lightning” performance led by Kenickie (Ryan Porio ’22). The show-stopping performance featured movement, visual effects, and fog in addition to the high-energy music. It proved to be a fan-favorite and ended with an enthusiastic standing ovation.
Due to COVID-19, the Staples Players missed out on multiple live performances in past years. They had the opportunity to host live radio shows and perform a series of short one-act plays at the end of last year. However, “Grease” was the first full play since the start of the pandemic, and it was worth the wait.
The production of “Grease” became the ultimate entertainment experience with a unique 21st century perspective and extreme talent on all ends.