Staples Players performing live after pandemic


Photo by Nick Lolis '24

Behind the scenes at the Staples Players new production, “Words Words Words… And Music.”

This pandemic has caused us to miss out on our favorite events and activities. Sports games have been missed, TV shows and movies have been cancelled and stores have closed. However, plays are coming back. More specifically, the Staples Players are performing live for the first time since last year.

Since the pandemic has started, the Players have been doing live radio shows rather than actual live performances. Throughout the year they have streamed a total of eight radio shows: four in the fall and four in the winter. But now, actors and stage crew can return to the theatre.

“I am personally super excited to be back in person having rehearsals and getting to see everyone again. I’m sure the rest of the cast and crew feel the same,” assistant director Chloe Nevas ’21 said. “It feels a lot more normal and with the show [performed May 20-22] , things are really picking up and it’s very exciting.”

She’s not wrong. Actors are thrilled. 

“The radio shows were a very fun experience,” actor Colin Konstanty ’22 said. “But I am very happy that we were able to do some kind of in-person performance this year.”

Even the crew was celebrating a return. 

“I didn’t realize how much I missed being backstage until I was actually there,”  assistant stage manager Lucia Scotti ’22 said.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed being backstage until I was actually there”

— Lucia Scotti '22

The entire production is called “Words Words Words… And Music,” which is probably a fitting title. The play consists of 20 actors as they perform a series of short on-act plays

“In between each short play are some musical numbers and a couple monologues as well,” Nevas said.

This was the first show the Players will perform live in a whole year and the first time in a year that Westport citizens had a chance to see a Staples live performance. Finally, the curtain is up.