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The emergence of post high school plan Instagram accounts has heightened stress among students and proved to be unproductive. Although intending to be positive, it fosters competition.

‘Post high school plan’ Instagram pages prove unproductive, generate competition

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor March 12, 2024

After months of waiting and excruciating anticipation, the moment finally comes to open the decision letter from your dream college. You open it, and there it is: the acceptance you have long awaited and...

The Staples Mitzvah Club hosted a walk at the Staples High School track to raise donations for United Hatzalah on Dec. 17. Many Westport community members attended, contributed and supported the cause.

Staples Mitzvah Club hosts unifying walk for Israel

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor December 22, 2023

The Staples Mitzvah Club hosted a fundraiser in support of United Hatzalah on Sunday, Dec. 17. The fundraiser was a walk/run at the Staples High School track and lasted from 12-1:30 p.m. A guest speaker...

Since the news broke about her relationship with football star Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has been the center of attention during several of his games. Many football fans find issue with this, and believe that football networks and the media must focus on football, not Swift.

Make football about football, not Taylor Swift

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor November 10, 2023

Don't get me wrong: I love Taylor Swift. I would consider myself a Swifty, without a doubt. I listen to all of her music, keep up with her current tour and even went and saw her concert movie in theatres...

Many senior girls feel immense stress and anxiety regarding homecoming dress shopping. The process is time-consuming and is seen as more difficult for homecoming than it is for other dances.

Homecoming dress shopping provokes stress, varying responses

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor October 24, 2023

As almost every upperclassman girl can testify to, dress shopping for the several school dances Staples boasts is not for the weak. Whether it's online or in-store, many spend countless hours scouring...

I deeply regret not regularly checking my emails in my first three years as a student at Staples. I missed many crucial reminders and several important responses that would have saved me time, energy and worry.

Checking emails proves crucial for students

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor September 20, 2023

Email. Bleh. Even typing the word “email” makes me bored. Up until this year, my senior year, I’ve always thought this way about emails. While I did know that checking them every once in a while...

The phone policy fails to work and fulfill its initial goals for the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers ignore the phone pocket and students refuse to use it, resulting in insufficient policy.

Phone policy fails, administration must consider other options

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor May 1, 2023

Every so often, our school tries out new rules and regulations to see how they work and if they are a success. While some of these new rules have worked in the past, others have failed, like the dividers...

Kool 2 Be Kind, an anti-bullying club at Staples that focuses on spreading kindness and empathy, is visiting Westport elementary schools for the months of February, March and April. By presenting unique lessons each month, they hope to reinforce these young minds on the importance of kindness towards themselves and others. The club aims for their messages to spread across all five schools to have a large-scale impact.

Kool 2 Be Kind spreads kindness to elementary

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor March 13, 2023

As a young kid in elementary school, being nice to every kid on the playground or classroom is not always how things go. The idea of kindness is not something one is born with, but something that is understood...

In modern days, Valentine’s Day has become less of a holiday centered around love, and more focused on how much money one spends. It is imperative that people remember that this holiday should be embraced and used as a way to showcase genuine feelings of affection for loved ones, and not to conform to society’s consumerist expectations.

Modern Valentine’s Day centers around money, must refocus on love

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor February 14, 2023

Valentine's Day, a holiday that used to be dedicated to love and affection, has transformed into a consumerist spectacle in recent years. What was once a day to express love through small gestures, thoughtful...

The new movie ‘She said’ premiered Nov. 18 and follows the story of how former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed for his decades of sexual harrasment by an exposé written by two journalists. The movie recalls the events that took place and includes key contributors to the real article in the movie production.

‘She Said’ illuminates laborious path to ‘#MeToo’ movement

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor December 14, 2022

From frustrating defeats to exhilarating triumphs, “She Said” tells the tale of reporters Jodie Kantor and Megan Twohey’s journey in exposing the ignored and covered-up sexual abuse in Hollywood...

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