Modern Valentine’s Day centers around money, must refocus on love


Graphic by Jolie Gefen ’24

In modern days, Valentine’s Day has become less of a holiday centered around love, and more focused on how much money one spends. It is imperative that people remember that this holiday should be embraced and used as a way to showcase genuine feelings of affection for loved ones, and not to conform to society’s consumerist expectations.

Valentine’s Day, a holiday that used to be dedicated to love and affection, has transformed into a consumerist spectacle in recent years. What was once a day to express love through small gestures, thoughtful gifts and spending time with loved ones, has now become an opportunity for corporations to cash in on the Hallmark holiday.

In today’s world, Valentine’s Day is no longer about showing love through personal actions, but instead, is all about buying flowers, chocolates and overpriced romantic dinners. With businesses using aggressive marketing tactics and public figures posting about their extravagant gifts that cost more than a month’s rent for most people, it’s not uncommon for many to feel compelled to spend a significant amount of money on gifts for their significant others. The holiday has become so commercialized that it is now viewed as an obligation, rather than a joyous celebration of love. 

Furthermore, the commercialization of Valentine’s Day has led to a sense of uniformity and lack of creativity. Instead of expressing love in unique and personal ways, people are encouraged to follow the same old script of buying gifts that have been pre-determined by corporations. This stifles creativity and takes away from the beauty and individuality of love that should be embraced on Valentine’s Day.

The holiday has become so commercialized that it is now viewed as an obligation, rather than a joyous celebration of love.

— Jolie Gefen ’24

Valentine’s Day has become a prime example of how holidays can be commercialized and manipulated for profit. Instead of focusing on the true meaning of love and affection, the holiday has become a product-driven event where people are encouraged to spend money on gifts and experiences. It’s time for people to reclaim the holiday and celebrate love in their own way, without the pressure to conform to society’s consumerist expectations.