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Grace Livecchi ’21 recently launched her new magazine in a display of nostalgia and creativity.

Grace Livecchi ’21 unlocks inner child through Really Magazine

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor January 30, 2023

Magazine pages filled with pastel colors, large photos, unique fonts and colorful shapes emulate the inner child theme of Grace Livecchi ’21’s original magazine, Really Magazine. Livecchi released...

Girls’ soccer played St. Joseph’s in the FCIAC finals, losing with a final score of 1-3

Girls’ soccer defeated by St. Joseph in FCIAC final

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor November 11, 2022

Coming off an FCIAC win in 2021, girls’ soccer lost to St. Joseph’s in the final round this year on Nov. 3. The game was played at a neutral site, Wilton High School, with a final score of 1-3.  Girls’...

Security guard, Ralph Morzello, joined the Staples community at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. His job at Staples is an addition to his job at the Westport Police Department.

Staples welcomes new security guard, Ralph Morzello

Genevieve Frucht ’24 , Paper News Editor October 18, 2022

Dressed in a bright red shirt, standing in the hallways and by the doors. This is a common description of security guards at Staples. You may have seen a new security guard this year; his name is Ralph...

The 2024 Class Committee ran a fundraiser early this year where they sold lanyards to raise money for future activities.

Class of 2024 strives to build community, improve high school experience

Genevieve Frucht '24, News Editor May 6, 2022

High school has a reputation of being a scary place, filled with bullies, mean girls and harsh teachers. This idea can be intensified in a large school like Staples. It can be hard to make a grade of 500...

Governor Ned Lamont recently announced a legislative proposal on gun violence to help reduce the issue in Connecticut.

Governor Lamont announces legislative gun violence proposals

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor February 14, 2022

Connecticut Governor Ned Lemont announced on Feb. 7 a package of $64 million that will help minimize illegal guns entering the state, grant millions of dollars to strengthen the work of law enforcement...

The Staples girls’ soccer team ended the 2021 season with a 14-3-5 record and won the FCIAC championship and co-won the state championship with Wilton.

Staples girls’ soccer reflects on successful season

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor December 13, 2021

After a 9-2-4 record in the regular season, Staples girls’ soccer went on to win the FCIAC  championship over Wilton and then shared the title of class LL state co-champions with Wilton, ending the...

This year’s snow day policy is back to the policy before COVID, which is that the first few snow days will be added on to the end of the year, and then if more are needed they will be taken from April break.

Taking away days from April break is unfair, snow day policy must be altered

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor December 6, 2021

This school year has brought back many aspects of pre-COVID-19 normalcy, including the snow day policy. Exclusively for the 2020-2021 school year, there were no back-to-back snow days; if a second snow...

Jen Tooker and Andrea Moore have recently been elected First and Second Selectwomen and will take office Nov. 16.

Tooker and Moore plan to improve Westport, listen to residents

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor November 16, 2021

Jen Tooker has recently been elected as Westport’s First Selectwomen with Andrea Moore as second Selectwomen. They will be sworn in on Monday Nov. 15 and will take office on Tuesday Nov. 16. Tooker and...

California recently announced it is mandating vaccines for school children who are of age, it is necessary for Connecticut to follow in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

California made vaccines mandatory for students, Connecticut must follow

Genevieve Frucht '24 , Staff Writer October 26, 2021

California just made it mandatory for all school children 12 years of age and older to get the vaccine, and according to the Office of Governor Gavin Nersom, he did this in order to further protect students...

Tyla Ozgen ’25, number 28, won the Ruden Report player of the week after playing just two games for the Staples field hockey team.

Tyla Ozgen proves crucial to field hockey team

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor October 4, 2021

Scoring five goals in her first two games on the Staples field hockey team, Tyla Ozgen ’25 has proven that she is a crucial element to the team’s success.  Ozgen entered the world of field hockey...

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