Staples welcomes new security guard, Ralph Morzello


Photo by Addy Coughlin ’25

Security guard, Ralph Morzello, joined the Staples community at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. His job at Staples is an addition to his job at the Westport Police Department.

Dressed in a bright red shirt, standing in the hallways and by the doors. This is a common description of security guards at Staples. You may have seen a new security guard this year; his name is Ralph Morzello. He began working at Staples at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, and his job here is in addition to his work for the police department.  

“I work for the Westport Police Department as a traffic agent,” Morzello said. “We do road construction jobs, we help out with traffic here and there, so I’ve been doing that for about five years.”

Morzello’s main focus at Staples is keeping the community safe and secure throughout the school day. Along with making sure that Staples is safe from external dangers, he is also there to make sure that no harmful activity is going on inside the building. He can often be found on the bridge or in the hallways monitoring the students during passing time. 

“[I] make sure that the school is secure and safe, the doors are locked, there’s no nonsense going on, [or] suspicious behavior,” Morzello said. 

I like the school very much. I think it’s a good group of teachers and administrators and mostly good students, It’s a good environment overall.”

— Ralph Morzello

Outside of working at Staples, Morzello has many hobbies such as playing and watching sports, working out, watching movies and listening to live music.

“I like old music from the ’70s and ’80s and ’60s,” Morzello said. “I’m not a fan of today’s music so much.”

Morzello also has a dog named Rocco who is an English Lab. When he is not working at Staples or the police department, Morzello spends a lot of time with his dog, usually taking him on walks.

“I walk [Rocco] every day. He probably likes getting walked more than I like walking him,” Morzello said. “I love my dog.”

As he entered the Staples community, Morzello found it to be a welcoming place with many kind staff members and students. 

“I like the school very much. I think it’s a good group of teachers and administrators and mostly good students,” Morzello said. “It’s a good environment overall.””