Students’ films nominated for Atlanta Children’s Film Festival


Lola Lamensdorf ’25 wrote “Frills,” a short film that makes use of children’s imaginations and behaviors. Lamensdorf worked on her film last summer during a program at The Acting Gym and was recently nominated for the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival. Photo contributed by Lola Lamensdorf ’25

Two young girls are having a tea party. One girl is a brat and is yelling at the other girl for having “improper” tea etiquette. It turns out the girl being yelled at has been a teddy bear all along. This is the plot of Lola Lamensdorf’s ’25 short film, “Frills.” 

Along with Lamensdorf, Max Ardrey ’23 and Drew Andrade ’23 created a short film called “Alienated.” Lamensdorf, Ardrey and Andrade created their films last summer through a program at The Acting Gym, and the films have been nominated for the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival. 

The Atlanta Children’s Film Festival is a two-week festival that will take place in June and  wishes to “promote positive children’s programming and introduce youth to careers in film and television,” according to Kids Video Connection, which hosts the event.

Lamensdorf’s film “Frills” makes use of children’s imaginations and the behaviors they develop at a young age. 

“I was just looking back from when I was younger, hearing about funny stories that my mom would tell me about other kids,” Lamensdorf said. “I take a lot of that nostalgia and put it into my writing.”

Lamensdorf wrote “Frills” and New York University student Lauren Lakra produced. 

“Through this program, I have been able to develop my skills in script writing, Lamensdorf said,” and this summer, I will be able to not only write but also direct a short [film] on my own.”

Over the summer, over a span of a week, a handful of students who write and produce short films [learned] and [worked] together, creating a movie and a few short films. It is an awesome experience and really teaches you a lot about the film industry.

— Lola Lamensdorf

Ardrey and Andrade’s film, “Alienated,” was written by Ardrey and directed by Andrade. 

“‘Alienated’ is about a kid who reveals to his friend he is an alien and that he needs to help him get home,” Andrade said. “It’s left unclear if he is actually an alien or if he is just messing around.”

Lamensdorf, Ardrey and Andrade were surprised to have their films nominated; however, they are excited about the opportunity to have their films recognized. 

“I was not expecting to receive any nomination for my short film,” Lamensdorf said. “I just love participating in the development process and seeing these stories come to life.”