Badurina presents short film, recognized nationwide


Photo contributed by The Acting Gym

Raia Badurina ’23 created a short film ‘Neither One Of Us,’ and has won and been nominated to numerous film festivals.

While Raia Badurina ’23 can typically be found under bright lights, acting, singing and dancing alongside fellow Staples players, Badurina has stepped out of the spotlight this past summer and behind a camera. She created the short film “Neither One of Us,” which she wrote, directed, and edited through a program by The Acting Gym in Westport.

 “Raia is truly so talented, she has an amazing view on what she wants in a film and gives direction so flawlessly,” Camille Blundell, one of Raia’s actors, said. 

 “Neither One of Us” follows the story of a young victim of sexual assault that becomes pregnant and must deal with this situation. Inspired by Roe v. Wade being overturned,  the film spreads awareness of the implications of this decision.

Badurina is set on pursuing directing in college and hopes to do it professionally. The awards she has received have fueled Badurina’s passion for film. ”

— Audrey Kercher ’23

“I want it to be a source of reflection about our society and the impact certain laws have on certain groups of people,” Badurina said. “Specifically I’m talking about the Roe v Wade overturned and laws that regard women’s sexual health.”

“Neither One of Us” has been recognized nationally through the many awards it has received. So far, the film has won the Best Student Film in the L.A. Indies Film festival, received an honorable mention for the Best Young Filmmaker in the Independent Short Awards and has been nominated to many more festivals.

The film provided the audience with an emotional perspective and left a mark on viewers of the film like Nikki Sternberg ’23.

“With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, this film and films like ‘Neither One of Us’ are more important than ever,” Sternberg said. “I think that the film can leave an impact on the viewer by showing them how real the consequences are when the government impedes on the bodily autonomy of women.” 

Much like Badurina creating her short film, Drew Andrade ’23 also took part in the program and created his own film. As a fellow director, Andrade shared some of his own words about putting out your own message through a movie.

“The writer creates the story and the world but the director is the one who brings that to life,” Andrade said. “Directing is important to sharing thoughts and voices because stories can be interpreted in lots of ways.” 

Badurina is set on pursuing directing in college and hopes to do it professionally. The awards she has received have fueled Badurina’s passion for film. 

“It’s very reassuring because I’m going to school for film,” Badurina said, “which has been a decision I have not struggled with, but I’ve found kind of difficult to go into a career in the arts just because there is no guarantee that I am going to be financially stable in the future, so it’s just good to get some reassurance before I go and spend a lot of money in college.”