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This photo is taken from a ferry going along the Amalfi Coast; this stop is in Positano, Italy. From Easter to October, they have about 12,000 tourists. This seaside paradise has colorful, cliffside villas towering over their black sand beach.

Luxurious trips do not outshine budgeted trips

Caroline Zajac ’25, Staff Writer January 3, 2023

Excitement for a vacation is an exhilarating feeling. Right as you are packing, butterflies erupt and you get jittery feelings in your stomach. The trip you’ve been dreaming of for months has finally...

Two students receive their grades as one is disappointed about a perfectly good grade, the other beams in delight.

Students’ worth goes beyond the horizons of a grade

Katherine Phelps ’25, Paper Opinions Editor November 16, 2022

In high school, there’s always the feeling of wanting to do your best. Whether that be with sports, theater or school work, students are constantly striving to be the best version of themselves, especially...

The Hamlet at Saugatuck will provide dining, shopping, waterfront activities and local businesses.

The Hamlet at Saugatuck presents plan, vision for future Westport development

Zoe Alpert ’25 and Olivia Signorile ’25 , Staff Writers October 12, 2022

The vision for The Hamlet at Saugatuck,  located at the Saugatuck Rivers in Westport, was introduced as a proposal for new construction, where people can shop, connect and dine. The Hamlet at Saugatuck...

Sidewalks in Westport are in poor condition, affecting civilians and prompting the new allotment of repair funds.

Westport given new sidewalk repair funds 

Maddie Bell '23, Staff Writer September 30, 2022

The town of Westport was given $250,000 by the state of Connecticut for sidewalk repairs around Greens Farms Elementary School on Sept. 19.  The recent allotment of money to Connecticut towns, including...

Toquet Hall is located on 58 Post Road E, Westport and is open to everyone. Whether it be game night, arts and crafts, live music, or drop-in hours, the hall has something for everyone.

Photo by Margot Richlin ’23

Students reflect on affordable Toquet Hall musical performances

Margot Richlin ’23, Audience Engagement Manager September 30, 2022

If you’re ever looking for a place to hang out with friends, meet some new people, do homework after school or even get tickets to some affordable live music, Toquet Hall is the place for you. Toquet...

Gofer Ice Cream 1240 Post Road East is officially open! 
An inside scoop at some of the flavors! 
It’s always a good day to Gofer Ice cream

New Scoop in Westport: It’s always a good day for Gofer Ice Cream

Zoe Alpert '25, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

I’m a big ice cream girl. From Carvel, to 16 Handles, Sunny Daes and even Milkcraft, I value good ice cream. Chocolate chip cookie dough, fudge brownie, chocolate chunk, oreo and the occasional cake...

Saugatuck Avenue opened up to the public hours after the accident occured.

Norwalk man dead following fatal Westport car crash

Caitlin Jacob ’24 , Paper Features Editor May 31, 2022

One person was found dead in a car crash that occurred on Saugatuck Avenue on Monday, May 24. There were two people involved in the collision, and the other victim was brought to the hospital for treatment,...

Jim Hood, Ian Warburg and Emily Ashken Zobl ’12, three founding members of  Save the Old Mill Grocery and Deli pose after raising over a million dollars for the cause.

Preserving history, serving good: community organization aims to save Elvira’s

Katie Simons ’22, Paper Arts Editor May 19, 2022

Even in May, sand sticks to the floors of the former Elvira Mae’s location. Pictures of students who grew up in the Compo area line the walls. The baby blue trim of the beachy exterior slowly peels next...

Pro-abortion rights protestors gather in downtown Westport holding signs supporting DefenDemocracy’s cause and listening to speakers.

Connecticut protests for abortion rights

Audrey Kercher ’23, Breaking News Manager May 18, 2022

A pro-abortion rights rally was held in Westport on Sunday, May 8 and was attended by Westport and neighboring town residents in protest of the leaked Roe v. Wade opinion draft. The Roe v. Wade draft opinion...

The authorized $222.8 million budget for Westport will be spent on many areas.

Representative Town Meeting approves $222.8 million budget

Sarah Marron ’24, Web Sports Editor May 18, 2022

The Representative Town Meeting (RTM), the legislative body of Westport, approved the $222.8 million budget for 2022-23 on May 3. The allocated amount has increased by about $4 million, or 1.8%, from the...

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games began on Feb. 4 in Beijing, China, and will run until Feb. 20.

Julia Marino claims olympic medal for USA, Westport

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web News Editor February 28, 2022

ImJulia Marino, a former Westport resident, won the United States its first Olympic medal in the 2022 Beijing Olympics on Feb. 5. Her outstanding snowboarding skills took her all the way from placing 11th...

Anonymous collective, Westport Parents 06880 criticises the town for teaching critical race theory in schools.

Ignorant, Westport Parents 06880, brings CRT debate to Westport

Ella Alpert '22, Broadcast Director December 5, 2021

Last year, I wrote an article about the new African American, Black, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies course. I was thrilled that the state was taking a step in the right direction by mandating all Connecticut...

Slice of Saugatuck spices up Westport

Gabi Gerig ‘23, Sports Editor November 11, 2021

Slice of Saugatuck is a tradition that unites the Westport community and supports local businesses. It is the perfect afternoon for family fun, delicious food samples and live music. There were 25 restaurants...

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