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Staples Radio Station, WWPT, receives multiple awards and several nominations at John Drury Awards.

WWPT, 90.3 FM Radio Station logo
WWPT, 90.3 FM Radio Station logo

Staples’ radio network, WWPT, was nominated for and won several categories at the annual John Drury Awards over the weekend. Held at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, the award show brings together high school-led radio stations from all around the country.  

Previously, WWPT has made it to the Drury Awards and won the title of number one high school radio station in the country four times, and has been nominated for the title several other times. This year, WWPT was nominated for 16 titles across several categories, winning three specific categories and multiple other second and third place titles. Charlie Scott ’24 won the titles of Broadcaster of the Year, and Best DJ. 

“I have to give a special shout out to Devon Jarvis ’23 and Zach Brody ’23 who were two broadcasters who made a serious mark on my journey as a broadcaster,” Charlie Scott ’24 said. “And also, Mr. Heiter has been amazing and a great help so I have to give a lot of credit to him.”

It’s me basically taking student feedback and the students shaping it, [while I am] just guiding it to be the student run station that it is.

— WWPT Advisor Geno Heiter

Staples media teacher Geno Heiter won the award for Best Station Advisor, which a candidate can only win only once every three years. His Radio 1 and Radio 2 courses provide students with the freedom to express themselves on the radio while also learning many techniques and tricks to better themselves as broadcasters. 

“I started here 8 years ago, and it’s not what I’ve done to shape [the radio program.] But it’s me basically taking student feedback and the students shaping it, [while I am] just guiding it to be the student run station that it is.” WWPT Advisor Geno Heiter said. 

Heiter’s hands-off approach has been quite effective, as it gives students the freedom to express themselves with the radio program. His approach has increased the accomplishments of the radio station, as it has been nominated for countless awards almost every year since Heiter took over as the advisor.

WWPT has been servicing the 90.3 FM station throughout the Fairfield County area since 1973 and has become increasingly impressive throughout its extensive 50 year lifespan. The success of WWPT can be attributed to the live coverage of sports events, such as football games and other sports. 

Despite this focus, not everything on air is about sports. A variety of topics are displayed, such as music discussion, game shows, theater etc, whatever suits the desires of the student. These factors have proven to be beneficial for the station and the students, as students were able to power through and keep the ball rolling, despite the difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“We put in a lot of good work at WWPT and Staples TV and it paid off,” Scott ’24 said

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