Radio students produce new show ‘The Clean Up Crew’


Photo by Madison Mayr ’24.

Gavin Rothenberg ’23 (left) and Charlie Honig ’23 (right) produce “The Clean Up Crew” in Staples’ radio production room. Their first episode was released in late October.

An excited buzz fills the air as the lights flash on in the STV studio. Charlie Honig ’23 and Gavin Rothenberg ’23 stand in the center of the room, awaiting their starting cue for the next episode of “The Clean Up Crew.” 

“The Clean-Up Crew” is Staples’ first radio production show that focuses on Staples football game highlights. They plan to film after every game, including interviews with players. Honig and Rothenberg’s first episode was released on Oct. 31 on Staples Radio Production’s Instagram, where all episodes can be found. 

“We were asked by the two executive directors of the radio program, Zach Brody and Devin Jarvis to start this,” Rothenberg said. “We both jumped at the idea because it is something that Staples has never done before and it sounded like something that can be a lot of fun”.

After establishing a plan for the show, Honig and Rothenberg invited Elise Eisenberger ’24 to star in the show as the third anchor. Eisenberger explained that they are planning on featuring other sports too.

“It was such a good experience. I love working in the studio and with them and can’t wait to make more episodes,” Eisenberger said. “I am so excited to expand it to other sports in the near future too, so we can make this year-round production.” 

Doing something that takes a lot of cooperation is a lot easier when you are doing it with people you know and care about.

— Gavin Rothenberg ’23.

Since the first episode, only one other episode has been released. Different from the first, the second included two interviews with varsity players. One with Sam Petrosino ’24 and Preston Norris ’23 and the other with Tanner Chulupsa ’24 and Zac Zhang ’23.  

“In my opinion, I really like the second episode […] it is much more sharp and more relaxed,” Honig said. “We all felt comfortable and it was also really funny to include the player’s interviews.” 

Both Honig and Rothenberg share how they spend a lot of time preparing by just spending time together. The close bond between them has led to a successful show. 

“I would say it probably takes a good two hours to plan the show, there’s a lot that goes into it,” Honig said. “It is basically a TV production group, we have guys who are doing camera work, our teacher Mr. Heiter who does a great job behind the scenes, there’s also the anchors and the hosts.”

Rothenberg agrees with Charlie on the teamwork that goes into the preparation. 

“Doing something that takes a lot of cooperation is a lot easier when you are doing it with people you know and care about,” Rothenberg said.

The boys hope for “The Clean Up Crew” to continue to be something that all students and staff enjoy and can help grow the Staples community.

“We definitely want to pass it down when we graduate. It is something that a lot of people at Staples have loved and we have got a lot of great feedback on,” Rothenberg said. “We will definitely want to continue this in the future, so we will see who’s next in line!”