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Mr. Willick’s period 2 AP European History class has five remaining juniors for the final month of the 2022-23 school year.

Senior’s departure eases junior’s workload in AP courses

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor May 23, 2023

The class of 2023 poured out of the cafeteria door on May 13 at 11:10 A.M,  onto the turf, where they concluded their final day of senior year with a picnic, gifted by their administrators.  The senior...

St. Andrew’s South African rugby team poses with the Staples boys’ rugby team at the Gonzaga Rugby Classic Tournament.

Staples boys’ rugby team welcomes South Africans to Westport

Madison Mayr ’24, Sports Editor May 1, 2023

The bus rolled into the Staples High School parking lot on April 15. The boys’ rugby team anxiously stood, waiting for its arrival. The doors opened, and the first of the visiting team came out, carrying...

The math department, along with many other teachers and students, object to the stress caused by PowerSchool.

Math department challenges PowerSchool obsession

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor February 17, 2023

As the bell rings at 8 a.m., a student opens their computer, typing quickly in the search bar. The tab they've searched stays open throughout the day, surviving the purging of others. It finds a home on...

Gavin Rothenberg ’23 (left) and Charlie Honig ’23 (right) produce “The Clean Up Crew” in Staples’ radio production room. Their first episode was released in late October.

Radio students produce new show ‘The Clean Up Crew’

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor November 24, 2022

An excited buzz fills the air as the lights flash on in the STV studio. Charlie Honig ’23 and Gavin Rothenberg ’23 stand in the center of the room, awaiting their starting cue for the next episode...

Gun legislations became a hot topic in Connecticut as regulatory laws have been tried in federal court.

Federal lawsuit calls attention to Connecticut gun legislations

Ruby Kantor '24 and Madison Mayr '24 October 11, 2022

Three gun owners, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League and the Second Amendment Foundation attempted to overturn the Connecticut Assault Weapons Ban by filing a federal lawsuit on Sept. 29. The Connecticut...

Dresses at Winged Monkey, a clothing store in Westport, await the rush of junior girls going shopping for their outfits.

Junior girls count down to Counties

Ruby Kantor '24 and Madison Mayr '24, Arts Paper Editor and Sports Paper Editor September 23, 2022

When it comes to school dances, Staples students really look ahead. Counties, the first dance available to juniors, will take place on Jan. 28. Staples, Wilton and Weston students will attend the event...

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