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Blake Rubin

Blake Rubin, Web A&E Editor

When asked what career she wants to pursue, Blake Rubin ’16 replied, “Doctor, definitely.” Not many high school students know exactly what career path they want to follow, but Rubin is confident in her choice.

“I’ve always loved helping people and making [them] feel better,” Rubin continued. “I have a cousin who’s my role model, and she works in a hospital with trauma patients. She always talks [to me] about it.”

Although Rubin does not want to specialize in trauma patients, her cousin’s career path inspired her to become a doctor. She is still deciding what type of doctor she aspires to be and is open to being anything from a dentist to a pediatrician. However she ruled out being a surgeon. “I can’t handle that,” she said with a laugh.

Not only is Rubin passionate about her future career path, but she also has many other passions.

Rubin has started her second year in Inklings and her first year as the web A&E editor. Her all time favorite story that she wrote covers teachers’ reactions to Yik Yak.

“Letting other people read your work [is the best part about Inklings and] trying to collect all the interviews before [the] deadline is the hardest part,” reflected Rubin.

This year in journalism she hopes to “increase [her] writing skills [and] focus more on writing new opinion pieces.”

In addition to Inklings, Rubin does cross country running, Kool to Be Kind and Unified Sports.

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Blake Rubin