Pet Instagrams are becoming the new “fad”

Pet Instagrams are becoming the new “fad

Get ready to have your heart skip a beat as you double tap on Instagram for the adorable pet accounts taking Instagram by storm.

One dog new to the scene, is Rosie Haroun, Annie Haroun ‘16’s little pup, and her bio reads, “Miniature Schnauzer- Yes I am a bearded lady.”

Her Instagram was created just a few weeks ago and it has already racked up over 40 loyal followers even including Rosie’s very own four-footed friends.

“I love to take pictures of my precious pup while she’s basking in the sun or cuddling in her bed,” Haroun said, “I love taking pictures of the dog that I love.”

Rosie isn’t the only furry friend gracing her cute presence on Instagram.

Muffin Samuels, a fluffy white bichon frise, is the energetic pup of Zoe Samuels ‘17.

Samuels decided to introduce Muffin to Instagram because, “I’m obsessed with my dog and I think she’s the cutest.”

Why not share a dog’s cuteness with the rest of the world?

Haroun and Samuels both admit they want their friends and family to enjoy all the cuteness that their dogs have to offer.

Another pup that shows her presence on Instagram is, Snickers Kaner, the adorable puppy that resides at the home of Julia Kaner ’13 and Jonathan Kaner ’18.

Snickers captioned one of her photos where she lied down with her paws crossed, “When I lie down I cross my paws. It’s what I do. I’m an independent white/black dog and I don’t need no man.”

“It’s honestly really fun to post pictures,” Jonathan Kaner said, “but Snickers mainly just loves her fans.”

One fan is Lilly Valente ’16 who, “loves to see cute little furry faces on my Instagram.”

Valente is not alone; the adorable puppies, proud owners and the dogs themselves can’t get enough of their new presence on Instagram.