This is not an article about April Fools Day… April Fools

For eager pranksters who love playing jokes, April 1 is a day created for them.

“April Fools Day only comes once a year, and when it comes, everyone should take advantage of it”, said Caroline Accardi ’15. She explained that it’s the one day where you can pull pranks on everyone, including teachers, and not get in trouble. “If you don’t like April Fools Day, learn to like it.”

It is pretty obvious that students who embrace this funny tradition pull all different types of pranks. They vary from filling oreo’s with toothpaste to short sheeting a bed. The better executed the prank is, the better the outcome

“An April Fools Day prank is a task that not everyone can do. It’s not something you can throw together in one night. Here’s a tip from the expert: you have to plan days in advance for the best result, no matter what the prank may be.” Kassidy Greer ’16 said.

While April Fools Day may be all fun and games for the pranksters, students who are on the receiving end are often not as fond of the  tradition.

“Every year on April 1, my brother decides to pull all different types of pranks on me. I always wake up the morning of April Fools Day anxious about what prank he is going to pull on me. Let’s just say I have to look at everything I eat before actually eating it,” Matt Chernock ’17 said.