Junior year told through GIFS


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The First Day of Junior Year: It’s a bittersweet goodbye to sandy beaches and hot sun as I trade in my towels for textbooks. It’s junior year, and I have my game face on, ready to tackle the hardest year of my life.

End of first quarter: One quarter down and there’s no turning back now. I can kiss goodbye to the leisurely days of freshmen and sophomore year because I’ve had the harsh realization that junior year is the big leagues. Long gone are the days of my healthy sleep schedule, free time and most importantly my sanity.

SAT Prep: Well ladies and gentlemen, the dreaded SAT prep came sooner than expected. This test is the most crucial part of junior year. Why so stressful you may ask? Well let’s just say this standardized test basically defines what college you will be attending. It is a never ending process until of course, you get that perfect 2400.

Thanksgiving Break: Thanksgiving, the perfect opportunity to eat my way into a state of oblivion, a blissful unawareness of the stress of junior year as I lie in my food coma. The amount of turkey I can consume just might turn me into one.

One day back from Thanksgiving break:
Failed mission. The food coma was a bust. One day back, and I’m more stressed than ever.

Midterms: I’m running on days with no sleep, infinite cups of coffee…I’m living my very own nightmare. Junior year is a black hole with no end in sight.

First Day of Second Semester: I may have dropped my GPA a few too many points following first semester but never fear because second semester is here. With a clean slate in my grade book, I cross my fingers that this is my semester.

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Spring: The cold weather has lifted leaving behind days of freezing my butt off walking from Wakeman but leaving in it’s wake is SBAC, SAT prep and AP finals. But as the first flower sprouts, it leaves a sign of hope for the end of junior year.

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