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AP Chemistry classes watch “Indiana Jones” since the completion of the AP college board administered test on May 2.

End of AP classes leaves students relieved, allows for fun learning experiences

Kiswa Khan ’23, Associate Managing editor May 13, 2022

One of a high school student's primary enemies is usually the AP classes they choose to take. Throughout the year, students are bombarded with homework, class readings, test dates, etc. With the conclusion...

The overcrowding of multiple assessments immediately following April break has dropped an unfair overload of work on students in a short span of time and has caused an unhealthy amount of stress for students.

A stressful time: finals, AP exams, honors societies and a cherry on top

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director May 3, 2022

It’s the week after April break for Staples students and times could not be more stressful—especially for AP students.  Why?  Perhaps it's because of the back-to-back final exams that have...

AP testing will begin on May 2 and carry into the following week. Students will be assessed all material taught since the beginning of the year. Usually, students in AP classes take finals early in order to prepare for the AP exams.

Students consider timing of AP testing stressful, rewarding in the long term

Alix Glickman ’23, Social Media Manager April 28, 2022

Over the first two weeks of May, students will complete exams for their AP classes, which is only one week after returning from the sunny beaches visited during April break. As a result, many students...

Guidance counselors recommend methods to mitigate war-induced stress, regardless of many students shying from opening up about the topic.

Guidance advice mitigates Russian-Ukraine war stress, some skeptical

Samantha Sandrew '25, Staff Writer April 11, 2022

You sit in class watching the minutes tick by while the teacher continues their lecture. You have seen the news. You know that every movement the clock hands make is filled with destruction. 11:42. Dead....

The college process is not only destructive to one’s mental health but also to their nails.

Ode to my nails: obliterated by the college process

Brooke Fried '22 , Business Manager March 25, 2022

My dearest, most beautiful voluminous nails,    It’s been months since I last saw you, and things just aren’t the same. I feel lost without you -- like a piece of my identity has been ripped...

Reading for a few minutes a day can have numerous benefits, improving upon your mental wellbeing in addition to your physical health.

Lack of reading for pleasure, practicing self-care deteriorates the self

Julia Herlyn ’23, News Editor March 7, 2022

As a wide-eyed, energetic fourth grader who was always eager to learn and grow, reading—to me—was one of, if not my favorite pastime. I recall dedicating December break of 2014 to the joy of reading—at...

Many players play the base form of minecraft and enjoy the endless possibilities in a naturally generated world. For others, the game becomes completely customizable with add-ons that create new dimensions within the game, or allow you to make all of the animals 100 blocks tall or just a few pixels big.

Minecraft helps the stressed and overworked overcome brain-melting status

Aidan Rogers , Creative Director January 5, 2022

When you think of video games, you think of “Call of Duty,” “Fortnite” and other war and shooting simulators. These enable adults to assure that every game is a brain-melting, criminal-making,...

While many colleges are allowing applicants to choose to submit their test scores, stress for the junior class persists.

Junior class navigates pressure from standardized-tests

Lyah Muktavaram ’22, Broadcast Director November 24, 2021

As you walk into school, you are immediately met with the sight of big-name, competitive colleges displayed on sweatshirts, hats and t-shirts. Whispers throughout the hallways between friends reveal conversations...

An illustration of how late/missing assignments affects a student’s mental health. In response to these statistics, teachers should wait to submit their grades until the student is healthy and able to submit their assignments.

Teachers’ missing work policies unjustly burden sick students

Aidan Sprouls ’23 , Staff Writer November 22, 2021

Every Staples student who has ever been ill knows the daunting feeling of opening up PowerSchool the day after being absent and seeing that they have received multiple zeros on assignments they missed....

Students commonly see this screen on their powerschool page, showing nothing but empty slots where grades should be. Some teachers decide to wait until the last minute to input their grades for the quarter, leaving students questioning and wondering what their grades will be for the quarter.

Grades entered on last day of the quarter, create frantic students: Do better, teachers

Izzy Sareen ’22, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

It’s the time all students dread: the end of the quarter. For Staples High School students, it’s a little more rough than it may seem. The last two weeks of the marking periods always leave students...

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