Teams honor seniors in grand fashion

Aishah Avdiu 17, a member of the girls varsity field hocker team, sports her senior day gear.

Claire Dinshaw

Aishah Avdiu ’17, a member of the girls’ varsity field hocker team, sports her senior day gear.

Girls decked out in vibrant shirts blow their whistles as their senior teammates arrive at the cafeteria. A luxurious breakfast awaits them along with gift bags full of expensive goodies. This is a typical scene from a girls’ sport Senior Day.

Not to mention the classy posters.

Celebrating seniors on sports teams is a tradition commending seniors on being leaders. The tradition is also a fun way to end the season.

However, boys’ and girls’ sports have wildly different ways of approaching this celebratory event.

Boys’ varsity soccer coach, Dan Woog,  said that they do very little for Senior Day.

“We introduce the seniors and their parents. That’s it,” Woog explained in an email.

Aside from introducing “the seniors and their parents,” the boys’ varsity soccer team recognizes the senior teammates during their banquet Woog said.

On the contrary, girls Senior Day involves catchy posters, homemade baked goods and, sometimes, even fish. On Fri., Oct. 10, the girls’ swimming and diving team gifted their seniors with goldfish. The girls carried them around their aquatic friends from class to class all day.

Some traditions, however, are less exotic. Standard senior days remain the same across all sports teams. Juniors secretly customize shirts, help coordinate the goodie bags and organize the decorations behind all the seniors’ backs. They don’t want the surprise to be spoiled.

This past Senior Day, juniors participating in girls field hockey designed navy blue t-shirts for the members of the program with the seniors’ names on the back. When the seniors arrived at the cafeteria, they were then given their pink senior day shirts.

“Senior Day was so amazing [this year]. The juniors did a great job of honoring us all,” Meg Fay ’15, varsity field hockey player, said.

Not only juniors are participating in Senior Days. Underclassmen help contribute to the special day as well. Not only do they wear the shirts supporting the graduating seniors, but they also help the juniors create the decorations for the cafeteria.

“Senior Day definitely unifies the freshman, junior varsity and varsity teams. We all have to work together to bring breakfast and decorate,” Nicole Welch ’17,  a junior varsity girls’ soccer player, said.

However, Welch then explained sometimes it feels exclusive because the varsity team has bonded with the Seniors the best. She hopes to be a junior on the varsity team next year, so she can experience a more successful senior day by becoming close with her senior teammates. In a year from now, she and the other juniors will take an active role in preparing the Senior Day for the class of 2016.

While the underclassman help contribute to the morning breakfast, as well as supporting their senior sport members, it is a tradition that when they are seniors, the underclassmen will do the same.

So, prepare for the feather boas.