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Claire Dinshaw
It may have been a visceral feeling that instigated Claire Dinshaw ’17 to apply for a sports editor position her sophomore year, however, she refers to the moment she submitted her application as, “one of the best decisions [She] has made in high school.” Journalism for Dinshaw has always been a part of her life. Her mother was actually an active participant in the journalism industry where she worked for Vogue Magazine before moving to sales. Despite having relations to journalism prior to high school, Dinshaw had instilled that she “was one of those kids who thought that she would never do what their parents do. I’m going to do something completely different” she said. Swaying towards science and math courses, joining Introduction to Journalism seemed like a “fun elective” because she had “room to add one more class to [her] schedule.” Coming out of Introduction to Journalism, Dinshaw was still not set on joining the Inklings staff. That is, until her application got accepted and she earned her role as the sports editor. “A week after joining Advanced Journalism I knew I had made the right decision and I instantly loved it” Dinshaw said. When she isn’t working as a news editor in her second year on the paper, Dinshaw can be found at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk where she has been dancing since she was three years old. For Dinshaw, journalism connects not only to the English department, but also with the ability to collect information and put that information into “organized cohesive thoughts.” These skills may not relate to her favorite course, science, but from journalism she has developed “life skills that [she] will carry beyond the classroom.”

Claire Dinshaw, Editor

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Claire Dinshaw