Mia Bullock dives her way into Staples’ history

Mia Bullock ’16 prepares to dive off her block in the Oct. 2 meet against Greenwich.  Bullock won every race she competed in that day

Claire Dinshaw

Mia Bullock ’16 prepares to dive off her block in the Oct. 2 meet against Greenwich. Bullock won every race she competed in that day

Most preschoolers would dread taking off their beloved life jackets and jumping into the deep end of the pool. For Mia Bullock ’16, this was no problem.

Bullock went to preschool at the YMCA, which inspired her to pursue swimming. “At that time, I grew a fondness of the sport, and decided I wanted to join the swim team,” said Bullock ’16.

She was 8-years old when she began swimming competitively, and she “hasn’t stopped since,” said Bullock. It was clear even at a young age that she was a standout among her fellow swimmers.

After getting her start at the YMCA, she has swum with numerous swim teams such as the Westport Water Rats, the Wilton Wahoos and the Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club. She currently swims with the New Canaan Caimans along with the Staples varsity team.

“Mia is very talented and can be a huge asset to any team she is on,” Mike Ferraro, Bullock’s coach on the New Canaan team, said. “I have seen Mia do things in the water that I have never seen other swimmers do and do it with an ease about her.”

Bullock said that her “strong work ethic” and “competitive spirit” have helped her over the years to become a better swimmer. All her hard work is evident; she has broken many records including the 100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly and the 200 IM in short course meters and in short course yards.

“She is a swimmer we can rely on to get those points for us,” Staples varsity team captain Malin Hovstadius ’15 said, praising Bullock’s record breaking times and also acknowledging how Bullock, “has a good attitude, and many of the girls look up to her abilities.”

Although swimming is a tough sport that requires endurance, strength and determination, Bullock has endured many years of training, which has led her to this path of success.

“Mia will be a highly recruited collegiate athlete and will have many options because of her academics and swimming ability,” Ferraro said.

Bullock plans on swimming in college, and she hopes to make Olympic trials. Even if she doesn’t make a career out of swimming,” she said, “I will apply all the lessons I have learned in the pool to the career I choose.”

Whatever challenges or struggles she may face, Bullock’s intense passion for the sport will help her reach her goals and pursue swimming even further.

“I continue to amaze myself throughout the years and my swimming, surpassing my goals and achieving things I only dreamed of,” said Bullock.