What Time is it Again?


Before you know it, students will be forced to change their clocks forward an hour to accommodate daylight savings. Today, March 9th, marks the beginning of drowsy eyed, zombie like, half asleep Staples students due to the loss of sleep.

We all know what this means huh? On school days, we will be greeted in the morning by a gloomy, depressing, “probably think your alarm clock went off at the wrong time” type of dark sky.

It’s already hard enough to wake up early in the morning for school now, so did a great and powerful mind purposely create this for high school students to dread?

I guess you could say no, not on purpose.

If you claim you never knew the history of Daylight Savings, we all know you meant to say you just didn’t pay attention in class that “one time.”

It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp actually.

According to Time and Date, a man named William Willet decided that he wanted everyone to take advantage of the lighter evenings to save money and so, he made a proposal. Long story short, a bill was passed and poof, Daylight Savings became an annual event.

Some people say they love daylight savings while others strongly dislike it. Then, there are people like me who both love it and hate it at the same exact time.

And yes, that is possible.

Starting today, every evening will be filled with more sunlight than those of winter. In other words, we have more time to do evening runs, more time to shop, and of course, more time to enjoy the warmth of the sun!

But then again, day after day, I have to wake up to a dreadful, dark sky. Sun is the best way to wake someone up! Not dark!

Daylight Savings arrives once a year, and every year, people have different views on it. What are your thoughts about this yearly event?