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Snoozing students find relief in naps


Imagine your bed piled with pillows and layered with blankets, warm and inviting, waiting for you after a long day of school, your Best Buddies meeting, a track meet and your radio show.

For most people, the time to nestle under the covers and drift off only comes after the sun’s gone down, but for others, having a nap between school and going to bed is the best way to survive the rest of the day.

Many Staples students, in fact, say they take naps for anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. Their reasons, however, vary.

“I take naps sometimes because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the previous night or because I had a lot going on with school,” Danielle Johnston ’16 said.

Ed Huydic, a Staples Guidance counselor understands that Staples’ standards are high and that a nap can help you recuperate. “The amount of intellectual energy spent in this building (Staples High School) would move one towards a nap before the next task, whether it’s athletics or community service.”

Amy Liu ’15, naps for the reasons Huydic suggested. “It’s usually because my brain is just tired from school all day that I just need to like repower,” Liu explained. She said she actually sleeps plenty at night; the naps provide “a little break.”

Liu said she’s more efficient after a nap because when she’s tired, she can’t focus. After dragging herself through a day packed with back to back classes and research paper writing, her brain fogs when it comes time to do her labs sprawled across her physics binder, or sometimes her brain just stops.

Then it’s time for a nap.

“It may take time out of my day, but in the end it helps me,” she said.

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