National Honors Society welcomes new members


Photo by Maddie Bell ’23

Prior to the event starting, senior members were responsible for folding the printed pamphlets that were handed out to the attending family.

The Staples National Honor Society chapter hosted their annual induction night for seniors and juniors on Wednesday, April 26 in the Staples auditorium.

In an email to senior members, Grade-level assistant and club advisor Jake Sullivan wrote that this is the “last call to show leadership as a member of the Staples High School chapter of the National Honor Society.” Given that this club is partially based on leadership and volunteer work, members are required to have at least 30 hours of volunteer work each year as well as club participation and academic rigor. 

To conclude the night each new NHS member read the pledge. Before that, an orderly interaction between the two grades was executed. As each junior was called, therefore getting inducted, they were handed a sheet of paper with the oath, a tassel and a gold pin. Then, the tassel and pin were handed to a senior that then walked offstage. In a way, this exchange represented the transition from this year’s NHS group to next year’s NHS group.

“Seeing the bond this year’s group formed was great. I’m excited for what’s to come with my NHS group next year,“ Dylan Fiore ’24 said. 

Seeing the bond this year’s group formed was great. I’m excited for what’s to come with my NHS group next year.

— Dylan Fiore ’24

The funds for the pins and tassels were collected through various fundraising events this year such as trivia night. These items are to be worn at senior graduation on June 13. 

All of the newly inducted NHS members read the oath on stage after every name was called (Photo by Maddie Bell ’23)

Both school staff and student leaders gave speeches within the club alongside a beautiful stage. Grade-level assistant and club advisor Karla Quinn organized flower arrangements and there were two signs made by the Staples librarians.  

Upon walking in, juniors were handed pamphlets, made by Lilly Weisz ’23, and given instructions to the auditorium.

“It was great to welcome the new members and to see them with their families as I handed out pamphlets,“ Keeva Boyle ’23 said.