A New Group of National Honors Society Students: NHS Induction Ceremony

On May 9 the library was packed with some of Staples’ best and brightest students for the National Honor Society induction ceremony. The students were joined by faculty members, John Dodig, and the students’ family members, as they were officially admitted to the Society.

The ceremony began with Connie Zhou, Mistress of Ceremonies, announcing the new inductees. Students entered the room wearing the National Honor Society insignia of a blue and white flower. “It’s so nice to get acknowledgement for all the hard work, both academic and service wise, that my fellow inductees and I have put into our endeavors for the past three years,” said Jill Rappaport ’13, a new member to the society.

Once the inductees took their seats, Principal John Dodig took the platform. Dodig discussed how someone once referred to the Staples students as, “professional students,” with the bus representing the train and the report card as a paycheck. However, he made it clear that the students not only work hard, but also they enjoy what they’re doing and know how to have fun.

After the speech, Charlotte Weber ’12 and Tyler Jent ’13 provided musical entertainment and sang Lucky by Jason Mraz.

The four qualities associated with the National Honors Society – scholarship, service, leadership, and character – were highlighted during the ceremony.

Julia McNamee, the faculty speaker, spoke of an old cherished childhood friend that had recently passed away and had embodied the four tenets of the National Honors Society.

The ceremony concluded with David Haswell ’12 reading the name each new member. The inductees were awarded pins from the 2011 members of the National Honor Society. Lindsey Graber ’13 said, “It was great to be recognized for my hard work. It’s an honor to be a part of the National Honors Society.”