Health officials discover Coronavirus in Danbury


As March 6, at least 20 U.S states have had confirmed cases of COVID- 19, some resulting in deaths. Residents of all states are taking precautions to decrease the chance of contracting the virus.

The first case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Connecticut was discovered in Danbury on March 6, found in a nurse working at the Danbury Hospital and Norwalk Hospital. The nurse is a New York State resident and is self quarantined in her home. 

Although the nurse does not live in Connecticut, the hospital is making efforts to check on the people who the nurse came in contact with and placing hospital employees who might have worked with the nurse on a 14-day leave. 

According to the Hartford Courant, “[the] Department of Public Health said they will significantly expand testing for COVID-19 in coming days… the outbreak in Connecticut will be similar to ‘a really bad flu season.’”

In addition to the case in Danbury, there has been a reported case in New Haven, Connecticut. The person who may be at risk is being “monitored by officials” after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. 

“I’m not scared for my own health because I’m at an age where Coronavirus won’t really affect me,” Haran Eiger ’21 said. “However, I think people will still be worried since there are reported cases in Connecticut now.”