Earliest graduation announcement in Staples history sets graduation for June 13


Graphic by Cameron Almonte '23.

Graduation lands early this year. Seniors leave for internships in the second week of May at the conclusion of AP testing.

March 13 marked the earliest official announcement for a graduation date in Staples history.  Usually, graduation is set after April break, but due to changes in state statutes, schools are now free to set graduation dates earlier.

 “[These state statutes] allow us to set graduation without having to wait for how many snow days a district would call,” Staples Principal Stafford W. Thomas III said. 

According to the March 13 email announcement graduation is on June 13 with a rain date of June 14.

Following the email notice, there was some confusion as to why the date was one day earlier than the graduation date posted on digital 2022/2023 school calendars.  

I’m really excited it’s a little earlier this year. Even though it’s just a couple days, it means we get to get out earlier.

— Toby Obinwanne '23

Previously, a graduation hat emoji displayed on school calendars marked June 15 as the projected graduation day, and  given this year’s snow day, some assumed the date would be pushed back to June 16, not moved forward to June 13. 

Thomas acknowledged the confusion this caused.

“I will notify the department to change that emoji for next year,” Thomas said.

Overall, the reaction to the change has been embraced by seniors.

“I’m really excited it’s a little earlier this year,” Toby Obinwanne 23’ said. “Even though it’s just a couple days, it means we get to get out earlier.”