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Leigh Foran ’24 poses for her next year on the Colombia Women’s Track team.

Principal Thomas announces 2024 valedictorian, salutatorian

Audrey Curtis '25, Web Photostory Editor March 20, 2024

Staples High School revealed its valedictorian, Leigh Foran, and salutatorian, Andrew Berkowitz, for the Class of 2024 on Feb. 27. The selection process, based solely on students’ weighted GPA, recognized...

Culinary 1 students have already made a variety of baked goods and breakfast foods such as cookies, waffles and pancakes. As the semester progresses, students will advance to make more complicated dishes.

Culinary Arts should count towards graduation arts credit

Charlotte Berner ’25, Assistant Business Manager September 26, 2023

When I sat down with my guidance counselor to decide what courses to take this school year, I started looking through the required graduation credits. Language, math, gym—all okay. But wait: “Visual...

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Graduation lands early this year. Seniors leave for internships in the second week of May at the conclusion of AP testing.

Earliest graduation announcement in Staples history sets graduation for June 13

Cameron Almonte ’23, Staff Writer March 30, 2023

March 13 marked the earliest official announcement for a graduation date in Staples history.  Usually, graduation is set after April break, but due to changes in state statutes, schools are now free to...

Knowing what credits are needed for graduation would affect the courses chosen. Not knowing what credits are needed to graduate is a great stress. Worrying you picked the wrong courses to meet the requirements already two or more years in is a disservice to the students.

Graduation credit information; nowhere to be found

Ava Coyle '25, Opinions Editor November 7, 2022

I am almost halfway through my high school career and have no idea how many credits I need to graduate. I have looked through the Staples High School website and asked my friends, yet no one seems to know...

Some students plan their schedules to make sure they get enough credit early in their high school careers. Others cram their graduation credits in junior or senior year.

Students stress over art credits

Henry Watson '25, Paper News Editor September 20, 2022

Imagine it’s senior year, you’re sitting in your car, looking at the credits you’ve collected throughout your time at Staples over the past four years. You know you’re close to graduation and can...

Staples’ football field will serve as this year’s graduation location, for just the second time in recent school history.

Class of 2022 set to graduate

Finnegan Courtney, TV Show Producer June 10, 2022

Graduation is a right of passage. Here at Staples, around 400 seniors will be graduating as part of the Class of 2022 in an outdoor ceremony on Friday, June 16. “Having it outside is amazing,” Principal...

Juniors took the Next Generation Science Standard test on May 25 and 26. This test is a graduation requirement and focuses primarily on different types of science taught throughout middle and high school.

Juniors take required NGSS test for graduation

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor June 1, 2022

Juniors took the Next Generation Science Standard [NGSS] test on May 25 and 26.  This test is one of the required tests students have to take in order to graduate Staples. Juniors were broken up into...

The senior class of ’22 is planned to graduate on June 16, leaving high school and moving onwards toward post-graduate plans.

Seniors leaving prompts reflection, sadness

Emily Goldstein ’23, Public Relations Director May 25, 2022

 I remember my first day of high school vividly. I walked in as a clueless freshman with my sister, a year older, and her four best friends. The presence of the older kids kept my anxiety from escalating...

Club sport athletes at Staples do not get the recognition they deserve despite their immense dedication.

Inclusion of Staples athletes in club sports is a must

Izzy Sareen ʼ22, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

Something widely known throughout the Staples community is the amount of students who play sports outside of the school. There are dozens, if not hundreds. But when was the last time the accomplishments...

The seniors’ final production in Players will be “Descendants,” which will open on April 1.

Players’ seniors reflect on past four years in program, lifelong bonds made

Karina Murray ’22, Features editor March 29, 2022

As the class of 2022 begins their final quarter as Wreckers, the hallways buzz with excitement: graduation, prom and internships loom on the horizon. But for senior members of Players, one event takes...

The Staples vision of the “contributing” graduate includes the traits that they want graduating students to achieve in their time at Staples.These posters are seen posted on the walls across the school.

Staples’ ‘Vision of the Graduate’ feels out of touch

Ryan Hong ’23, Staff Writer November 23, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen them around school. The posters with the words “Contributing Citizens” at the top, outlining four traits that the ideal citizen should have. These posters are part of the new “Vision...

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