The start of something new; Disney Channel surprises fans with “High School Musical Four” announcement


A life-changing decision was made on March first- no not the Super Tuesday polls- much more important.


Disney Channel has announced it will officially be producing “High School Musical Four”.


Get your head in the game “High School Musical” fans, it’s happening.


Disney Channel President Gary Marsh said in his official statement, “High School Musical is part of Disney Channel’s DNA. It embodies all that we stand for.”


After an eight year hiatus, fans are gearing up to relive epic scenes of Troy leaping around golf courses, the wildcats tearing up the basketball court at East High, spicy Troy and Gabriella scenes, and endless cheesy sing-along songs about the stereotypical status quo of high school.


But, as much as everyone would love to see their favorite celebrities who play these characters take to the big screen one more time in the massive franchise, Disney is rumored to be creating an entirely new cast.


Considering Zac Efron is now 28 years old and doesn’t really look a high school student, many aren’t convinced he’ll be playing the heartthrob basketball star Troy in the next rendition. To say the least, some took the news better than others.


“I think having a non Zac Efron production is betraying my seven year old self,” devoted fan Zia Sansted ’17 said.


“I’m kind of appalled at the fact that they would tamper with my childhood and recast the heroes of my adolescence,” Staples Player Mackenzie Lavoie ’16 said.


Another Staples Player Megan Hines ’17 isn’t sure what to make of this new addition to the popular Disney brand. “It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m excited to see them produce it because I have loved the whole series but I was sad to hear the original cast won’t be performing it,” said Hines.


Onto bigger and better things, many from the original cast have moved on, and appear as though they won’t attempt the re-casting process.


Corbin Bleu, who played Chad Danforth, has played Jesus on Broadway in the play “Godspell.” Bleu joins others who have similarly transitioned such as Vanessa Hudgens, Gabriella, who stole the show in her part in “Grease Live!”as Rizzo. Zac Efron has starred in numerous movies since his days at East High in “High School Musical” including “Neighbors” and last year’s hit “We Are Your Friends.”


“My body has been ready for ‘High School Musical Four,’” Hines joked with a smile.


To quote Troy Bolton himself, along with the millions of fans who are self-proclaimed wildcats, “Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.”


The release date is pending, but casting process has begun yesterday when Disney’s Public Relations team tweeted they were starting a nationwide search.