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Margot Mather

Margot Mather, Arts Editor

Self­described insomniac, strange note­taker and redneck Margot Mather ’17 knows that

Inklings is where she belongs.

“This year, I really immersed myself in journalism,” Mather said. “I’m just trying to be an

‘explorative journy.’”

Aside from Inklings, Mather saddles up to ride horses. As a child, pony rides were

always at the top of her wish list, which led to horseback riding lessons every week.

“I’m really redneck,” Mather said with a laugh, pointing out her blue flannel shirt, jeans

and love for horses.

Mather said that she sometimes goes to the stables just to be with horses.

“It sounds really nerdy and weird but it’s so nice to remove yourself from the stressful

school atmosphere and take a breath,” she said.

When asked about her goals for junior year, Mather kept it brief.

“Don’t fail. Don’t do that,” she said. “It’s a period of turmoil, but I’m not scared.”

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