Obama cancels rally in Bridgeport for Ebola meeting

President Obama cancelled his trip to Bridgeport, Connecticut on Wednesday, Oct. 15 due to an urgent meeting with government officials about the Ebola crisis.

He was planning on visiting Bridgeport’s Central High School Wednesday evening for a Governor Malloy rally.

Many Bridgeport students, along with some Staples students, were planning on going to the rally. English teacher Susan O’Hara, who has been volunteering for the Democratic party, was disappointed when she found out the rally had been cancelled.

“I was disappointed, but I was more disappointed for the students [of Bridgeport High School],” O’Hara said. “You could see they had decorated the school. As a high school teacher, it’s pretty exciting knowing the President is coming to your school.”

Staples student, Max Kaplan ’17, who is a supporter of both Obama and Malloy, had to wait in line for three hours to get tickets to the rally.

“I was looking forward to hearing the president speak because I think he is very good at giving speeches,” Kaplan said.

Many were saddened by the cancellation of the rally, but it is supposedly being rescheduled for a later date, sometime before the election.

Despite the disappointment that many felt, this event shows just how dire the Ebola crisis has become.

“I think it’s important that a leader puts a country before politics,” added O’Hara.  “Even though I’m sad, I think he’s sending a symbol to the country; he’s letting us know that he cares more about the country than politics.”