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Taylor Harrington

Taylor Harrington, Breaking News Managing Editor

Taylor Harrington ’15 has been through the ropes before. As Breaking News

Managing Editor, Harrington enters her second year on Inklings with a prestigious

position and nothing but a positive attitude.


There’s no one word that describes Harrington, but outgoing, creative, and amiable

are the closest fits. If asked to put her persona in a nutshell, her love for people would

be the common denominator.


“Whether it’s helping the underprivileged, supervising four-year old kids, or hanging out

with my friends, my life revolves around people,” Harrington said.


One of Harrington’s favorite parts about Inklings is the social media aspect. Known

for her big-hit video, 2013 Inklings year in review, Harrington’s pure creativity is

shown in all her work.


Aside from Inklings, she spends the majority of her time after school as the secretary

of the Best Buddies club and volunteers for the National Charity League (NCL).

Over the summer, Harrington hung out with her Best Buddy on a consistent basis. Her

involvement ranged from planned events to baseball games with him.


Harrington’s passion for helping will continue this year as a part of the NCL, a

mother-daughter organization that assists with charitable events in the community.

Specifically, she and the senior class will be doing a project to decorate the room of

a little girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer.


“She wants a pink and purple princess room, so that's what we are going to give her,”

Harrington said.


But Harrington’s claim to fame is her superb baking skills. The non-existent bakery,

as she likes to call it, is her assortment of exotic desserts on Instagram. After baking

one of her mouth-watering masterpieces, Harrington will post a picture of it on

Instagram and label it “my non-existent bakery.”

All content by Taylor Harrington
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January 9, 2015
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