Running routes that run through Westport


Taylor Harrington, Staff Writer

Sweat-stained t-shirts stick to the backs of parched Staples students, as they run alongside cars on the streets of Westport to shape up this spring season and celebrate the warm weather.

“I love running outside so I can get some fresh air and explore nature,” Erica Hefneway ’15, a varsity track runner, said.

For many students, it’s all about finding the perfect running routine and route because without it they may not be motivated to lace up their sneakers and build up those leg muscles.

Track captain Jack Scott ’14 said it’s important to him to shake up where he runs from day to day. “It’s boring to run on the same route every day,” Scott, who is partial to a scenic course near the beach he created, said.

Also a fan of picturesque runs, Kellen Smithson ’14, another track captain, is excited to finally be transitioning from running indoors to hearing her sneakers hit the gravel roads as she runs down Bayberry.

As students explore the many possible running routes throughout Westport, Smithson shares a safety tip that she takes into consideration when she runs. She advises students to avoid running on busy roads, like Post Road, as much as possible and to run without music so they can hear oncoming cars. Perhaps this is a habit many Staples students should highly consider to avoid any reckless second semester senior drivers.

From her experience as a track team member, Siobhan O’Loughlin ’15 makes a purchase recommendation for students. Wearing her Timex watch to monitor her workout anytime she runs, O’Loughlin thinks other students would benefit from investing in one, too. “It helps you track how fast you’re running, which will improve your workout.”

O’Loughlin also encourages runners to mix up how far they run. Twice a week she goes on “long runs,” which are about four to five miles. But, she tells students to refrain from doing this everyday so they don’t exhaust their bodies. Taking a day off or going on shorter runs can be a healthy balance after running a long distance the day before.

As the season for wearing shorts and swimsuits approaches, students start experimenting with different routes throughout town. They must start to develop habits like wearing a watch and mixing up the lengths of the run in order to nail the perfect routine. After all, a beach body is a true necessity by the time summer rolls around.