Staples Freshman Witnesses Carnival Accident


Taylor Harrington, Staff Writer

A Staples freshman was on the scene today when the swings on a carnival ride slammed into each other, sending multiple children to local hospitals, according to various news sources.

Colette Lippman ’17 was at the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Seaside Park a little after 2 p.m. when the ride malfunctioned, apparently because of a power outage, local news sources said.

“I saw multiple fathers running toward the swings checking out the situation. Children were on the ground crying,” Lippman said. Later, she added, one child was put in a white neck brace.

Minutes after the incident occurred, multiple police cars and fire trucks arrived, according to Lippman. Local news sources also reported that many children were taken to nearby hospitals and that some injuries were severe.

“It was really traumatizing to see all of the children and parents of the children surrounding the ride,” said Lippman. “All of or most of the families there left right away.”

The festival closed all rides shortly after the incident occurred, Lippman said, and children and families not involved in the incident were also crying and visibly upset.

This is a breaking news update and will be updated as further information is released.