Staples juniors to travel to Singapore this summer

For the summer of 2014, Xenia Bradley ’15, Terrie Yang ’15 and Everett Sussman ’15 will be traveling 9,500 miles to Singapore for an experience of a lifetime.

The three were chosen to represent Staples as part of a group of ambassadors for the United States that will attend a summit in Singapore.

In January, Principal John Dodig nominated 15 students. All candidates had to have enrolled in and succeeded in academically rigorous courses, demonstrated leadership qualities and presentation skills.The applications were reviewed carefully by faculty members, and a select few were then interviewed.

The trip itself is 10 days, filled with everything from touring Singapore, dragon boating and canoe relay racing, to participating in discussions as well as various cultural presentations. A highlight will be meeting the president of Singapore.

“When I first heard of what the trip would entail, it sounded like it would be an amazing opportunity,” Yang said. “I’m looking forward to meeting other students from all over the globe.”

Sussman had known the was interested since he heard about the trip from last year’s representatives, Jack Cody ’14 and Warren Schorr ’14.

“I researched more about the program and found that it seemed to be an amazing opportunity to learn different cultures, make connections and present about current global issues,” Sussman said.

In years past, ambassadors would listen to VIPs speak about leadership, global diplomacy, cultural exchanges and more. Speakers include presidents of countries and professional diplomats.

Each country at the summit will present a project on a topic from the perspective of that country, and, at the end of the summit, student ambassadors will give a final presentation that highlights their country’s culture.

“It is such an honor to have been chosen to participate in this summit; I couldn’t be more excited to explore my horizons culturally. It’s going to be an amazing summer,” Bradley said.