Mother’s Day Gifts Designed for Three Personalities


Taylor Harrington, Breaking News Managing Editor

Every year, we celebrate our moms on one special day with presents, cards and, perhaps, a dinner out.

The hard part isn’t fighting the crowd for a card at CVS the day before Mother’s Day, or trying to find a restaurant with availability for six. It’s the weeks leading up to the big day when we little by little have to pick out gifts for her.

Over the years, I’ve managed to come up with some unique gifts to please each aspect of my mom’s personality. Perhaps, some of my successes will spark ideas in your mind as the holiday approaches.


For the athletic mom:

My mom loves to run once all four of us kids are off at school in the morning. Whether your mom is a walker, biker or runner, these are two unique gifts she can definitely use while burning some calories.

Road IDs are bracelets that can be customized with all your mom’s information so if she ever got hurt on the go, a passerby would know who to call, how far she is from home, etc. They come in all different colors and materials so there’s one to suit every mom’s style.

Two years ago, I bought my mom a SPI belt, which stands for small personal item belt. They’re tight, stretchable belts that allow Mom to zip up her phone, credit card, cash and other things while she exercises without the bulkiness of many other exercise belts. Again, these come in all colors and can be easily adjusted to fit around your mom’s waist.


For the sentimental mom:

Homemade gifts are always a winner, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

This What I Love About Mom journal from Paper Source is an easy gift that you and your siblings can work on together. Each page has one sentence on it with a fill-in-the-blank. For example, “I love when you _____.” It allows each child to remind Mom of some favorite memories.

A short trip to Hands On Pottery in Fairfield is a fun activity that can lead to a perfect gift for Mom. From flower pots to dinner platters, Hands on Pottery has plenty of options for you to choose from. Even if it doesn’t look Pinterest worthy when it comes out of the kiln, it’s the thought that counts.


For the food-savvy mom:

Whether your mom loves to bake or cook, these are two great gifts that she’s bound to enjoy using.

This griddle from Williams Sonoma is a perfect present for moms who have a knack for making breakfast. Whether it’s whipping up some pancakes for the kids or making french toast and eggs for Sunday brunch, this appliance gives her to have a large, flat cooking surface that’s much easier to clean than a pile of pans.

Another great gift from Williams Sonoma is the immersion blender. It’s a small, easy to use device that blends soups, smoothies, sauces, etc. in seconds without the mess of a big blender. Your mom is bound to love experimenting with this in the kitchen.
With Mother’s Day less than a week away, the clock is ticking. Hopefully these ideas will help you as the panic for finding the perfect gift sets in.