Styles drops non-binary, environmentally sustainable cosmetic company

This is the new logo of Harry Styless new cosmetic company, Pleasing.

Graphic by Lily Klau ’23

This is the new logo of Harry Styles’s new cosmetic company, Pleasing.

Alongside Pharrell Williams, Rhianna and many other famous musicians, Harry Styles has now entered the world of cosmetics with his new company, Pleasing.
Pleasing, dropped on Nov. 15, sells nail polishes and skin serums and and has already racked up thousands of sales from Styles’ fans.

These are the four nail polishes that come in Style’s nail polish pack. The quality is amazing and the polishes dry quickly and flawlessly. (Lily Klau ’23)

Pleasing is a self-acclaimed, overwhelmingly positive and all-inclusive company. The company fosters personal expression, individuality and environmentally friendly products.
Pleasing products do not target a specific gender. Men, women and Styles are pictured using the products on the website, furthering the inclusive message. Styles has been adamant in breaking down the gender barrier between men and women by dressing in feminine clothing and painting his nails. He constantly advocates for people to be who they want to be, and this company expands the avenues that they can express themselves with.
All Pleasing products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, adhere to ethical production principles and are suitable for all skin types. A minimum of 10% of all the bottles from the company are made from recycled plastic, which is also used in the pumps and caps of the product containers.
The product is packaged in a carton that is FSC certified (harvested in a responsible manner), and is 100% compostable and made with a minimum of 70% post-consumer material. All labels are printed with soy and water-based inks. The environmental sustainability of the products is unlike anything I have seen before. The website even reminds customers to recycle the glass bottles once they are empty.
One of the most amazing features the website of the company has is an accessibility button in the bottom right corner. When someone clicks this button, it takes them to a page that details how people with disabilities, like being blind or deaf, can still order products from the website. Having this feature is an easy way to allow more people to access the website, yet most companies don’t have it. Pleasing even offers a place to give feedback for improvements.

This is what the accessibility button on the bottom of the Pleasing webpage looks like. Customers can click on it to bring them to disability accessibility features. (Graphic by Lily Klau ’23)

Pleasing creates a safe space and has an environmentally-friendly business. It has easily become the best company morally to be dropped in a long time.