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Harmful bias in social media posts spread Israeli/Palestinian conflict misinformation

Harmful bias in social media posts spread Israeli/Palestinian conflict misinformation

Lily Klau ’23, Paper Features Editor June 7, 2021

Throughout the past year, social media has been used as the main source of spreading information and educating social media users on current events, but with the Palestine and Israel conflict, is it causing...

Maybe it's the chewy, addictive, tapioca boba balls or the twangy taste of the milky tea, but people simply can't get enough of bubble tea.

Bubble tea, new found obsession

Lily Klau '23, Paper Features editor May 12, 2021

#TheyForShe is taking on the task of calling out everyday sexism and gender inequity in our community and helping men understand what it means to be a woman in today’s society. 

#TheyForShe promotes inclusivity, supports International Women’s History Month

Lily Klau ’23, Staff Writer April 5, 2021

Social media feeds have been flooded with activism in the name of International Women’s History Month, and social studies teacher Cathy Schager and her Women in Society class have further celebrated...

Prior to the week of March 23, students were contact traced and mandated to quarantine for 10 days if they sat within six feet of an exposed student. Staples' contact tracing guidelines were eased to mandate quarantining if students are within three feet apart of an exposure.

Delay in contact tracing exposes many to COVID-19

Lily Klau ’23, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

Westport students are experiencing delays in receiving notifications from the school about possible exposures to COVID-19. In some instances, students who were in contact with a positive COVID-19 case...


‘One Night in Miami’ fantastically illustrates fictional meeting of four legendary figures

Lily Klau ’23, Staff Writer February 6, 2021

Every movement has its icons. Its legends. The people who empowered and influenced, the people we learn about in school. But what happens when they’re all put in a room together?  Inspired by a real...

Teachers adapt to distance learning, all-remote model

Julia Herlyn ’23 and Lily Klau ‘23 December 11, 2020

Harry Styles breaks social norms by wearing a dress on Vogue's cover issue. Styles is the first solo male to appear on the cover for Vogue.

Harry Styles shatters social norms with dress on Vogue December issue

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer November 25, 2020

As a huge Harry Styles fan, I had been waiting for his Vogue interview to come out, but I had no idea he was on the cover of it, too. I opened my phone to 77 notifications from Twitter with everyone freaking...

Westport Senior Center adapts to COVID-19 restrictions

Westport Senior Center adapts to COVID-19 restrictions

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer November 2, 2020

From art, to dance, to current events to exercise, the Westport Senior Center offers it all.  Post-retirement life can get lonely and boring for many seniors, and it can be hard to gather the motivation...

COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

COVID-19 alters college application process for high school seniors

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer October 7, 2020

Everyone knows the infamous college application process: students take their SAT and ACTs, meet with college representatives, visit all prospective colleges and then make their decision. But for high school...

Fairfield University has new rules and requirements due to COVID-19, one being having to wear a mask at all times.

COVID-19 guidelines at colleges generate mixed emotions

Natasha Taubenheim '22 and Lily Klau '23 September 29, 2020

Throughout months of social distancing and taking precautions to avoid COVID-19, there has been much uncertainty surrounding whether students should return to school. Some schools decided to become fully...

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