Bruno Mars’ new album ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic’ features dynamic, funky nine songs


Izzy Sareen ’22

Bruno Mars’ new music album “An Evening With Silk Sonic” features nine songs, totaling 31 minutes. Each song is a segway into the next. The album was released on Nov. 12 2021 and is Bruno Mars’ first album of 2021.

From just looking at the album cover, viewers are already hooked. The vintage ad-like album cover featuring cartoon drawings of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak draws listeners to the album. From there, the album starts off with a one minute and three second intro that sets a tone of calmness and relaxation for the rest of the album. It is much like the basic tune and energy Mars has incorporated into his past albums.
Moving into the first song of the album “Leave the Door Open,” we hear Mars harmonize a few times with Paak’s tunes, which makes for a beautiful sounding entrance and ending to the song. All of the songs in this album follow the same rhythm and pattern, creating a really nice flow for the album.

This album has changed my outlook on Mars’ music and has made me more interested in listening to his music.

— Izzy Sareen ’22

The common rhythm and pattern for this album is one of peace and a slow-paced beat.
Every song is calm and slow in the beginning, creating a mood similar to relaxing on the beach or going out to a fancy restaurant. Towards the end of each song, there is a smooth lead out that captures the same energy as the start of the song.
The fourth song of the album called “After Last Night” features guest singer Thundercat, a well-known American Bassist, and Bpotsy Collins, a musician who was featured in the song “Snow Bunny” by World Wide Funk in 2017.
Mars’ and Paaks’ most popular song in the album, “Smokin Out the Window,” is a more upbeat and slightly fasted-paced song compared to the others in the album.
In general, the songs of this album range from two minutes and 45 seconds to four minutes and 44 seconds. The album has nine songs, totaling at about 31 minutes. The longest song, “Blast Off,” is my personal favorite, and is the last song listed in the album.
In my opinion, the songs have a certain rhythm to them that requires them to be this lengthy because it wouldn’t do them justice to just be one or two minutes long.
“Blast Off” starts with a fun and exciting intro and transitions into a steady flow of calm rhythm and lyrics that make you want to sway to the beat of the song.
I would certainly recommend this album to fans of the singers, and even to those who may not have had a passion for them in the past. This album, while being one that is similar in terms of rhythm to other songs by Mars, has a different aspect about it that makes it unique.
It features both funky, groovy and slow music, which can be played at several types of events. The use of contrasting paces makes the album much more interesting to listen to.
This album has changed my outlook on Mars’ music and has made me more interested in listening to his music.
Mars and Paak know how to work together to create steady music, which they have done here with this fantastic display of songs.