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Harry Styles interacting with the crowd at Madison Square Garden while singing Adore You.

Post-concert depression is real, the worst.

Caroline Zajac '25, Assistant Business Manager September 30, 2022

There is no feeling like the end of a concert. Everyone files out of the arena, and you see everyone’s belongings left behind. The luminescent lights shut off, the chatter of the crowds dwindle, and...

Olivia Kasabian ’23 has been to eight of Harry Styles’ concerts, and only plans to go to more.

Olivia Kasabian ’23 adores Harry Styles, joining the ever growing fandom

Julia Leitner ’23, Assistant Business Director September 21, 2022

“Live from Madison Square Garden, it’s Harry Styles!”  Harry Styles, a nationwide superstar and celebrity obsession, has recently returned to New York City, at Madison Square Garden, once again....

This is the new logo of Harry Styless new cosmetic company, Pleasing.

Styles drops non-binary, environmentally sustainable cosmetic company

Lily Klau ’23, Creative Director December 16, 2021

Alongside Pharrell Williams, Rhianna and many other famous musicians, Harry Styles has now entered the world of cosmetics with his new company, Pleasing. Pleasing, dropped on Nov. 15, sells nail polishes...

Harry Styles breaks social norms by wearing a dress on Vogues cover issue. Styles is the first solo male to appear on the cover for Vogue.

Harry Styles shatters social norms with dress on Vogue December issue

Lily Klau '23, Staff Writer November 25, 2020

As a huge Harry Styles fan, I had been waiting for his Vogue interview to come out, but I had no idea he was on the cover of it, too. I opened my phone to 77 notifications from Twitter with everyone freaking...

Harry Styles’ “Golden” music video combines great cinematography, amazing outfits, and a catchy song to form a near-perfect piece.

Harry Styles’ “Golden” stuns viewers

Julia Kasabian ’21, Staff Writer November 10, 2020

Harry Styles is one of the biggest names in music. And with his latest music video, he’s taken the world by storm. Styles’ music video for “Golden,” the first song off his album “Fine Line,”...

Harry Styles showed a new side of himself with the release of his second solo album, “Fine Line.”

Harry Styles sets bar high with new album “Fine Line”

Evi Tarshis ’20, Paper Arts Editor January 8, 2020

We are all familiar with the famous boy band, One Direction, that ruled the radio stations for years. But when the group broke apart in 2015, one prominent member, Harry Styles, broke through to make a...

New hit singles top the charts this spring

New hit singles top the charts this spring

April 18, 2017

Ashton Dedona '17 As topless jeep season approaches, everyone's radio will be blasting with these new hit singles. “HUMBLE” - Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar’s new hit “HUMBLE”, which...

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