Olivia Kasabian ’23 adores Harry Styles, joining the ever growing fandom


Olivia Kasabian ’23 has been to eight of Harry Styles’ concerts, and only plans to go to more.

“Live from Madison Square Garden, it’s Harry Styles!” 

Harry Styles, a nationwide superstar and celebrity obsession, has recently returned to New York City, at Madison Square Garden, once again. Styles’ “Love on Tour” has been traveling the world since September of 2021, and is set to continue up until July of 2023. With his most recent album, “Harry’s House,” fans have been ecstatic for Styles’ continued presence in live music and performance. 

Styles will have played 15 shows at Madison Square Garden by the end of his residency, which spans from Aug. 20th through Sept. 21st. While the goal of this residency is most likely to reach the largest number of Tri-state fans possible, this amount of shows has also attracted Harry Styles fanatics, who go from show to show every single night. 

Olivia Kasabian ’23 is one of these fanatics. Kasabian has been to eight Harry Styles concerts, beginning when Styles was in the boy band, One Direction, all the way to this recent tour. 

I go to so many Harry Styles concerts because he creates an environment where you can really feel the passion for his music from the audience.

— Olivia Kasabian ’23

The idea of spending so much money to see the same concert repeatedly seems insane to some. However, for Harry Styles superfans, it’s nothing but routine. Seeing multiple of the same concert and devoting immense amounts of time and money to getting tickets has become a crucial part of being a part of the fandom. If you haven’t seen more than five of his shows, are you even a real fan?

The reason why fans are compelled to come back time and time again isn’t just because they love Styles, they also love the people standing next to them in the stands. 

“Every single person in that room has their own unique experience with his music which I think is so special,” Kasabian said. “You can feel that everyone there feels safe to express themselves.”

Kasabian has even met other friends that love and appreciate Styles as much as she does.

“A lot of the people in his fan base have watched him blossom as an artist, so when you are sticking with someone for so long, there is such a strong community. I have a lot of friends from all over the country that I have met through being a fan of Harry Styles,” Kasabian said. 

“People really love him because of the way that he interacts with the crowd,” Olivia Kasabian ’23 said.
(both photos contributed by Olivia Kasabian ’23)

Styles fans have to go through some pretty harsh conditions to get the seats and experience they want. Such conditions can range from staring at a computer screen for hours, waiting for tickets to go on sale, all the way to sleeping on the side of the road for hours, waiting to get the first spot in the pit. Kasabian has gone through more than enough for her perfect Styles concert experience. 

“I woke up at two in the morning and took a train in the pouring rain to the Today Show in New York City. We got there around 3:30 am and we had to wait there in the rain until around 9 am to watch him perform,” Kasabian said. “I’ve also sat in classes completely ignoring the lesson and just stared at my computer to try and buy tickets – I basically pause my life for tickets.”

Styles’ fans appreciate the way he engages the audience, his captivating performance abilities and of course, his music. He has a way to make an entire stadium feel seen.

“He’s very interactive with the crowd which makes it feel very personal, and that he actually cares that you’re there,” Kasabian said. “He’s very interactive with the crowd which makes it feel very personal, and that he actually cares that you’re there” 

Kasabian only plans to keep supporting Styles, and already has two more concert dates set up.

“I had always been a fan of Harry Styles, but after seeing him live it just completely changed my view of him as a performer and I just became obsessed,” Kasabian said. “I don’t plan on stopping supporting his concerts any time soon.”