Nail art designs: expanding creativity and expression


Photo by Emma Smith '22

Nail art has been a growing trend so many have taken part in. The use of abstract colors and designs creatively display small works of art subtly draw attention to one’s nails.

Lines, dots, stripes, pink, green, yellow. The options are limitless when it comes to nail art, a versatile and creative trend currently hitting social media. 

Though it isn’t clear where or who started this trend, many became very involved quite quickly. Social media platform Pinterest is the gold mine of inspiration for many to explore and create their own design for their nails. 

“Recently I have loved abstract line design for my nails. 70’s patterns are in the trend forecast for this summer and I’ve seen a lot of people interpret similar patterns into their nail art,” Eliza Bowens ’22 said. “I also enjoy how personalized you can make your nails if you are going for a more minimal or maximum look.” 

Christina Meehan ’23 began following the trend by creating her own nail designs as a way to release energy during classes and not have to spend time or money to get them done. 

At the beginning of this school year I would need to do something with my hands during Zoom classes, so I figured out that painting my own nails gives me something to do while still being able to pay attention during a lesson,” Meehan said. “Painting them myself is much cheaper, too, and I don’t have to take the time out of my busy schedule to go to a salon because I already have to log on to a Zoom.”

Many trends in the fashion and beauty world tend to die out after a few months. However, it is predicted that nail art will actually have a longer life due to its versatility.  

“I think when it comes to trends, aesthetics are constantly shifting, but this trend has been done in so many different ways that even after summer, it will look super stylish,” Bowens said. Something I like about this trend is the amount of detail and color that goes into the design.” 

 With different nail shapes, colors, patterns and designs, nail art allows self-expression and creativity. 

It’s the most rewarding feeling when people compliment me on my nails and ask where I got them done,” Meehan said. “And I say, ‘I did them myself.’”

“It’s the most rewarding feeling when people compliment me on my nails and ask where I got them done. And I say, ‘I did them myself.”

— Christina Meehan '23