Colors of the Wind: Nail Trends Go In a New Direction For Spring

Nail fashions are often overlooked, but many girls take great pride in their manicures. Like clothing trends, nail polish fads come and go with the changing of the seasons. Metallic, neon, glitz, and neutrals all have their seasons, but for summer it seems like Staples girls are swaying towards pale pink shades. Rachel Diamond ’11, Katie Kleinberg ’12, and Sage Murray ’14 all agree that pink is the perfect color as the weather starts to warm up. “I love Fiji [by Essie] for the warm seasons because pink on nails looks very clean,” Diamond said, describing a pale pink. Another new trend that has sprung upon Staples is the patterns by Sally Hansen’s cosmetic brand called Salon Effects, ($9.99 at CVS). The patterns include jean, lace, animal prints, among others. These unique nail designs interest students such as Murray, who uses her nails as a means of self-expression. “I think nails are a fun way to reflect someone’s personality,” Murray said.

Half Moon Mani: The french manicure has risen to new heights now that there are many ways to alter the patterns. During this spring, the Moon Manicure was very popular on the runways. It consists of two colors with the top coat splitting a full moon into two parts: one towards the cuticle, and the other toward towards the tip.\

Color Crazy: Coral is a very popular color for this fashion season and is also a rising trend for nails. The peachy tone is perfect to match many different wardrobe choices in the warm weather. Many girls are also sporting variants of the shade including basic, bright pinks and classic reds.

Be Bold: Other popular nail designs are stripes and polka dots. The classic French manicure has evolved, and can now include crazy color combinations. Both patterns, as well as solid colors, are trendy looks for nails this season. Upcoming nail trends include bold unique patterns and bright pinks.