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Bailey Ethier
Editor-in-Chief Bailey Ethier ’15 has self-described himself in one word as “Texan.”

Growing up in Texas, Ethier dreamed of being a professional athlete. Soon enough, however, he realized he didn’t have the athletic ability to do so, and turned to the next best thing, in his opinion: journalism.

When he moved to Westport before ninth grade, he decided to join Inklings given the fact that he enjoyed a seventh grade project on sports broadcasting.

As a sophomore, Ethier was a Web Opinions Editor, and was then a News Editor as a junior.

He is ready to lead Inklings as Editor-in-Chief this year, and is fully committed to the paper.

“I absolutely love this paper,” Ethier said.

Deeply committed to journalism and hoping to pursue it in the future, Ethier is constantly trying to improve his journalistic skills.

This summer, he attended a journalism program at Columbia University in New York City.

He then headed to Texas for his eighth year at Camp Champions summer camp in Marble Falls, Texas, completing a three year senior camper program.

During his senior camper program, he learned many valuable lessons, including how to lead by example. He hopes to carry his leadership at camp to Inklings this coming year.

Ultimately, Ethier hopes to accomplish much during his final year on Inklings.

“When people think of highly acclaimed newspapers, I want them to think of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Inklings.”

Bailey Ethier, Editor-in-Chief

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