Senior Class Pranks in Photos

Senior Class Pranks in Photos

Students wage a war in the courtyard and throw a party in the library as part of the annual senior class prank. | Photos by Bailey Ethier ’15, Andrew Bowles ’13, Samantha Rutter ’12, & Jordan Shenhar ’13

Seniors participated in two different pranks during the lunch period on Fri., May 18.

During first lunch, seniors fought each other in the courtyard with foam swords and cardboard shields. They divided themselves into two teams based on their middle schools, with kids from Coleytown Middle School facing off with those from Bedford Middle School. This is noted as the seniors’ third prank of the day.

Video footage of the battle can be found here.

Less than an hour later, during third lunch, seniors swarmed the library and held a rave, replete with music, flashing lights, and a dancing mob in the center of the room.