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Super Bowl Prediction

Nate Rosen

Spoiler alert: stop reading if you don’t want to know exactly how Super Bowl XLVIII will play out.

Last year, I correctly predicted that the Lombardi trophy would be headed to Baltimore and this year, I can say with full confidence that the city of Seattle better start planning a parade.

Led by quarterback Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos set new records for most points in a season (606) and touchdowns (76).

Unfortunately for Manning, defense wins championships. And while the Broncos have a good defense (nineteenth in the league in terms of opponent yards per game), Seattle has a great one (first in the league).

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman may have a loud mouth, but he backs up his trash talk with his play – and he’s going to come to play after his infamous post game interview after the NFC championship game.

Sherman alone has more interception return yards, just as many touchdowns, and just one less interception than all defensive backs for the Broncos this year.

And not to be a Peyton-hater, but Manning is 8-11 when playing outside with the temperature below 40 degrees in his storied career, and temperatures are supposed to be in the 20’s at kickoff.

And the cold weather will hinder the ability of Manning as well as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, leading to a run heavy game, giving running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and Seattle a clear advantage: Seattle averaged almost twenty more yards per game than Denver in the regular season and both teams gave up 1,626 rushing yards on defense this season.

The game’s x-factor will be Seahawk’s wide receiver Percy Harvin. When healthy, Harvin is an elite wide receiver, but after coming to Seattle from Minnesota in the offseason Harvin has played just two games, including the divisional round game against the Saints in which Harvin left the game after being concussed.

And while that game against the Saints was an extremely small sample size, Harvin looked good with three catches for 21 yards. Regardless of Harvin’s performance in the Super Bowl, assuming he can even make it through a game, he’ll stretch the field, leading to bigger holes for Lynch to run through and go full on beast mode.

Despite all of this though, Seattle will by no means blow out the Broncos. Broncos’ running back Knowshon Moreno may not be good enough to be sponsored by Skittles, but he still the twelfth most rushing yards in the NFL (1,038).

And let’s not forget that Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. Yes he is only 11-11 in postseason games in his career. But none of that matters because he is 2-0 this postseason. You’d have to be a Seahawks fan to not think Manning will put on a show on Sunday.

Seattle’s defense is on the same level as Denver’s offense, but Seattle’s offense is superior to Denver’s defense.

And it’ll be the media shy Lynch, who talked to the media for the first time on Jan. 28 after being threatened with a $50,000 fine, winning Super Bowl MVP after Manning’s late game heroics fall just short after Sherman intercepts Manning with under a minute to go in the fourth quarter (it’s Denver’s fault for trying Sherman with a sorry receiver like Demaryius Thomas) giving Seattle a 27-23 win.

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Bailey Ethier, Editor-in-Chief
Editor-in-Chief Bailey Ethier ’15 has self-described himself in one word as “Texan.” Growing up in Texas, Ethier dreamed of being a professional athlete. Soon enough, however, he realized he didn’t have the athletic ability to do so, and turned to the next best thing, in his opinion: journalism. When he moved to Westport before ninth grade, he decided to join Inklings given the fact that he enjoyed a seventh grade project on sports broadcasting. As a sophomore, Ethier was a Web Opinions Editor, and was then a News Editor as a junior. He is ready to lead Inklings as Editor-in-Chief this year, and is fully committed to the paper. “I absolutely love this paper,” Ethier said. Deeply committed to journalism and hoping to pursue it in the future, Ethier is constantly trying to improve his journalistic skills. This summer, he attended a journalism program at Columbia University in New York City. He then headed to Texas for his eighth year at Camp Champions summer camp in Marble Falls, Texas, completing a three year senior camper program. During his senior camper program, he learned many valuable lessons, including how to lead by example. He hopes to carry his leadership at camp to Inklings this coming year. Ultimately, Ethier hopes to accomplish much during his final year on Inklings. “When people think of highly acclaimed newspapers, I want them to think of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Inklings.”
Nate Rosen, Graphics Coordinator

When flipping through the pages of a freshly printed Inklings on a Friday morning at Staples, text, novelty-fonted headlines and especially graphics and pictures jump out to the Staples students and faculty. And a big applause is long overdue to senior Nate Rosen ’14, who is Graphics Editor in Chief this year and is the man behind a number of graphics in both the paper and web versions of Inklings.

 “It’s a creative outlet for me,” said Rosen ’14 who can be called an artist for his graphics and photos but claims he cannot draw for his life.

Doing graphics for Inklings since freshman year he has created numerous different visuals. One of his favorites is the banner for an article about The Great Gatsby. With gold and metal like textures the banner closely resembles the logo for the 2013 movie.

“That graphic I actually did on my own time, it was more for me,” said Rosen ’14.

Rosen claims that graphics is really a hobby for him; he could be on the Adobe software creating new graphics all day long. However it is easier to have an assignment for a graphic instead of creating the idea on his own.

But no matter how he gets the creative spark or how he creates his artwork, Rosen’s graphics will be printed and posted proudly in Inklings throughout the year.

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