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Sandy’s Aftermath

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Hurricane Sandy, which some are now calling a “super-storm,” seems to have left the Westport area as of Wed. evening. However, the storm wreaked an enormous amount of damage on the town and its surroundings.

According to Connecticut Light & Power Co. (CL&P), as of 5:25 p.m. Tues. night, 10,581 Westport customers — around 85% — lack power. First Selectman Gordon Joseloff has criticized CL&P’s response to restoring power.

“I’m appallingly disappointed by CL&P’s response,” said Joseloff at a press conference this afternoon.

CL&P was criticized following Hurricane Irene in mid-2011 for what many viewed as a slow response to restoring power to its customers.

Schools have been closed for Wed. by Superintendent Elliott Landon. No word has been released yet on further school closings.

The following photos were taken at a variety of locations around Westport that have been significantly altered or damaged by the hurricane.

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About the Contributors
Ned Hardy, Editor-In-Chief
Ned Hardy is a man of many passions. His latest endeavor? Bringing his expertise and vision to Inklings as Editor in Chief. Hardy joined the Inklings staff his junior year after being impressed by the awesome issues being put out. Having started out as Web A&E Editor, Hardy has the knowledge and experience to help take both the paper and the web to greater heights. He enjoys writing in- depth investigative news pieces. Although he never sets out to stir up controversy, Hardy likes taking difficult, thought provoking subject to write his articles about. But Hardy is more than just the typical investigative reporter; he is also a music enthusiast and enjoys writing album reviews that reflect his interest. Hardy says he is a big fan of rap music, especially Kanye West. When he isn’t writing for Inklings or jamming out to Kanye, Hardy, a self proclaimed foodie, might be found cookie up something delicious. Hardy’s varied passions foster an appreciation for each writer as an individual. As Editor in Chief, Hardy hopes to influence the paper by personally interacting with everyone on the staff. “This could easily become a situation where only the loudest voices are heard’, Hardy Said.  “I want everyone to have a chance to write the article they want to write or to take the picture they want to take.”
Brittany Healy, Staff Writer
Grace Kosner, Video Editor

Lights, Camera, and Grace Kosner is in action. This will be the second year in a row that Grace Kosner ’14 will take on the role of being a Video Editor for Inklings. From a young age Kosner has been exposed to the media in all different aspects. Her father is the head of the media for ESPN, her older brother majors in screen writing and her grandfather was the Editor in Chief of many prominent newspapers. These newspapers include Newsweek, New York, Esquire magazines and the New York Daily News.

 Although, Kosner has been introduced to many different aspects of the journalism world, her true passion within the field is creating videos. According to Kosner, making videos has been very beneficial. “I’ve gotten more mature in that I recognize that everyone has a great perspective worth considering despite how they may seem on the surface. After interviewing different types of people and traveling to film them in an environment where they are most comfortable, I get to understand them in a more tangible way,” said Kosner. Her passion for videos made Kosner realize that Inklings would suit her well. Kosner’s desire to be on top of things and creating well-crafted videos will be an asset to the Inkling’s staff this year.
Bailey Ethier, Editor-in-Chief
Editor-in-Chief Bailey Ethier ’15 has self-described himself in one word as “Texan.” Growing up in Texas, Ethier dreamed of being a professional athlete. Soon enough, however, he realized he didn’t have the athletic ability to do so, and turned to the next best thing, in his opinion: journalism. When he moved to Westport before ninth grade, he decided to join Inklings given the fact that he enjoyed a seventh grade project on sports broadcasting. As a sophomore, Ethier was a Web Opinions Editor, and was then a News Editor as a junior. He is ready to lead Inklings as Editor-in-Chief this year, and is fully committed to the paper. “I absolutely love this paper,” Ethier said. Deeply committed to journalism and hoping to pursue it in the future, Ethier is constantly trying to improve his journalistic skills. This summer, he attended a journalism program at Columbia University in New York City. He then headed to Texas for his eighth year at Camp Champions summer camp in Marble Falls, Texas, completing a three year senior camper program. During his senior camper program, he learned many valuable lessons, including how to lead by example. He hopes to carry his leadership at camp to Inklings this coming year. Ultimately, Ethier hopes to accomplish much during his final year on Inklings. “When people think of highly acclaimed newspapers, I want them to think of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Inklings.”
Nate Rosen, Graphics Coordinator

When flipping through the pages of a freshly printed Inklings on a Friday morning at Staples, text, novelty-fonted headlines and especially graphics and pictures jump out to the Staples students and faculty. And a big applause is long overdue to senior Nate Rosen ’14, who is Graphics Editor in Chief this year and is the man behind a number of graphics in both the paper and web versions of Inklings.

 “It’s a creative outlet for me,” said Rosen ’14 who can be called an artist for his graphics and photos but claims he cannot draw for his life.

Doing graphics for Inklings since freshman year he has created numerous different visuals. One of his favorites is the banner for an article about The Great Gatsby. With gold and metal like textures the banner closely resembles the logo for the 2013 movie.

“That graphic I actually did on my own time, it was more for me,” said Rosen ’14.

Rosen claims that graphics is really a hobby for him; he could be on the Adobe software creating new graphics all day long. However it is easier to have an assignment for a graphic instead of creating the idea on his own.

But no matter how he gets the creative spark or how he creates his artwork, Rosen’s graphics will be printed and posted proudly in Inklings throughout the year.

Ben Reiser, Managing Editor

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